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5 Reasons why electric bikes are better than traditional bikes

5 Reasons Why Electric Bikes are Better than Traditional Bikes

In any sport, cycling for 5 – 10 minutes prior to the actual sport is considered as a good warm-up and there’s a peculiar reason for that as cycling switches on your energy production system. Cycling has plenty of health benefits and electric bikes are absolutely fantastic and in fact are quite better than traditional bikes.

As a commonly known fact, Electric bicycles assist cyclists while riding them, whether they have pedal assist or work with throttle. So one tends to be sceptical when told that you could actually ride e-bikes to help lose weight or improve mental health, and there are other benefits as well. So let us see in what ways does an e-bike help us maintain our health in almost every aspect and perhaps get the most out of it.

Electric bicycle, an excellent form of Cardiovascular exercise – Great for cardiovascular muscles, which means perfect for your heart. Research shows that you burn just 20% less calories, riding an electric bike than a traditional bike but the real take is that, you will be able to ride an electric bicycle for a longer duration since it reduces your energy burnout levels significantly rather than a traditional bicycle.

Riding your electric bike for a few minutes during the week helps improve your cardiovascular health besides other general health benefit. Cardiologists have researched to discover that cycling is among the best cardio exercises for people of all age groups. Electric bikes do help condition your lungs and heart which is directly linked to your overall health and wellbeing. Besides switching off your motor assist will enable you ride your e-bike just like a traditional bike if you choose to burn more calories, but remember unlike your e-bike this will also mean loss of energy and perhaps a shorter distance of bike riding experience.

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Electric bicycle helps you ride long distances without any stress or injury – Recently conducted studies have shown that people with electric bikes ride their bikes more often compared to traditional bikes and that’s simply because though you are burning calories, you are not really losing much energy or tiring yourself. Traditional bicycles are known to tire you much sooner.

Electric bikes with pedal assist enable you to provide adequate rest to your leg and calf muscles. You can actually ride faster and cover a larger distance because of the electric motor assist that helps power an electric bike. In some cases, you will also find eco to turbo assist that helps you climb a hill without losing much energy.

Overcoming pains and aches of aging by riding an electric bike – Regular exercises and workouts as you age, help you keep an active and healthy lifestyle however staying active while your age may get harder as you go along since bones and muscles lose strength. Pains and aches might set in which make exercising regularly hard for you.

Research shows that electric biking efficiently reverses the process of aging. In fact, it actually helps you tackle back and knee pains, and it is also a proven fact that electric bike riding has improved brain function in older adults by enhancing blood flow in the body, which actually reduces risks of Alzheimer’s disease and many other neurodegenerative disorders that co-relate with old age. Ideally most doctors believe that a lifestyle that includes bike riding for a few minutes during the week might help aging adults maintain good balance and strength.

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E-bikes make cycling easy and safe for physically challenged – Many of us feel young and lively, as much as we did in our childhood while we ride our bikes but for people who are physically challenged regardless of what age group they belong to, riding traditional bikes may not be an easy or even a safe option. Thankfully e-bikes fulfil their desires and enable them to ride without any hiccups.

Based upon their needs anyone who is physically challenged many opt for an electric bicycle with a pedal assist or one without that (throttle assist). Anyone who is not chronically disabled is also required to have an exercise routine that enables them to stay healthy and an electric bike comes in way handier than a traditional one in such cases. The comfort an e-bike provides will also reduce risk of injury and stress while riding them and ideal for anyone physically challenged.

Enhance mental health while cycling your electric bike – Just like being among family and friends helps you raise your mood in any activity that you take part, you could also choose riding an electric bike with a group of friends or family members for fun that helps reduce stress levels and enhances your mood. Being out in the nature and riding an electric bike to cover large distances since you don’t tire easily helps your mental health gain momentum in a positive direction.

Those who ride regularly are found be to more confident and energetic. The reasons are quite evident, be it fitness or being social, your joy and staying healthy at the same time are obviously going to boost your mental health significantly over a period of time. According to research, most well documented benefits of cycling include;

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Low stress

Enhanced memory

Improvement in creative thinking

Good sleep

A much lower risk of depression

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