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Electric Bike Maintenance

Electric Bike Maintenance

Electric bikes are as good as an investment because of what they cost and maintenance of an electric bike is absolutely important to ensure that you get the most out of your e-bike.

Motor – Usually motors are prevalent in a self-contained unit, thus there isn’t any need to take them apart, and in case if anything does go wrong, it’s always best to get the manufacturer to sort it out. However, an electric bicycle owner will need to keep the motor housing clean and always keep an eye on any wear and tear. The guarantee plays an important role here as in most cases issues with the motor will mean a replacement.

Battery – Ebikes use lithium batteries in general and there are certain things to basically keep in mind, like the place you store your e-bike batteries should be between 1 to 36 degrees to avoid any damage to the battery, in other words, the storage should neither be too hot or too cold.

The easiest solution is to remove your battery (if removable) and store inside. Storing the ebike for a long duration also will need charging the battery every 3 months. In case this is not done, the battery will drop below residual power.

It is worth noting that using your battery’s original charger is important as otherwise it may impact the lifespan of the battery.

Lubricants and Grease – It is important to note that electric bikes last longer if you reduce the amount of resistance at key points on your bike. Friction between parts of your e-bike, damage caused by dirt and rust are some basic issues why components of your electric bike wear out. Thus it is advisable that sufficient lubrication of your chain drive, wheels and brakes avoids surfaces from coming into contact too often.

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Bike grease can also be used to prolong your e-bike’s life – make sure your bearings and bottom bracket are suitably greased to reduce wear and tear. Exercise care while using lubes or sprays on surfaces closer to your battery contact points or other sensitive areas on your e-bike.

LCD – Using an air duster to clean any dust or dirt from behind the buttons on your LCD is advisable. These are actually mini computers on your ebike and so just like any computer, keep an eye on possible updates and check the manufacturers website to see if you can keep it up to date.

Tyre Pressure – Although you might be using puncture resistant tyres, it is important to note that under-inflated tyres are a cause of poor performance on an electric bike. Softer tyres surge the amount of drag which can greatly affect the performance of your e-bike as the battery will run out more quickly due to long distance riding making it unstable. So when you pay for an electric bike, the last thing you want to do is lose the benefits due to low care and maintenance. Checking tyre pressure consistently before your ride helps in maintaining the quality of your ride especially on long distance rides. Also, always consider your weight and the distance of your journey.

Basic Inspection – Basically, all parts of your electric bicycle need your attention. Understanding simple factors such as the following might help in maintaining your e-bike from potentially bigger problems that could occur.

  • Keep your ebike clean and use bike specific or recommended cleaners
  • Avoid jet wash or alike as it can drive the grease lubes out of the bearings and may cause corrosion of certain parts
  • Store your ebike in a dry place when not in use
  • Making sure your handlebars and the stem in the front forks is secure
  • Firm attachment of both the wheels apart from the parts being well lubricated
  • Ensuring smooth movement of gears from one to another before starting your ride
  • Make sure your seat and brakes are adjusted for the requirements of your ride
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Periodical Maintenance & Checklist – Quite critical for the performance and efficiency of your ebike and helps in enhancing the lifespan of your ebike. Periodical maintenance is like health check-up of your electric bike to make sure you have memorable and hassle free rides over a period of time.

All assembled parts of your electric bicycle need care in a periodical manner, some might require your attention weekly, some monthly and in some cases just annually, apart from your regular pre-ride and post ride checklists. Of course all of this varies based on the type of electric bicycle you ride but we listed the most generalized here for you.


  • Tightening of Crankset per inspection
  • Cleaning chain rings, cassette, derailleur pulleys
  • Inspection of brake pads


  • Degrease & lube drivetrain
  • Lube derailleur pivots & pulleys
  • Lube brake & shift cables
  • Clean and lube suspension sliders
  • Check firmware updates
  • Inspect chain wear

Six Months

  • Out-and-out Tune-Up
  • Bleed hydraulic brakes
  • True & tension wheels
  • Inspect tubeless tire fluid sealant
  • Inspect battery connections


  • Out-and-out Overhaul
  • Chain Replacement
  • Change tyres
  • Cables & housing Replacement
  • Brake Pads Replacement
  • Replace Tubeless Tyre Sealant
  • Service the Frame

Maintaining a checklist for your electric bike is as important as checking the fuel gauge or tyre pressure of your car before you go out for a drive. Basically you can maintain pre-ride and post-ride checklists which will only help you maintain your electric bicycle in the most desired state.

Post-Ride Checklist

  • Check tyres, rims and forks for dirt or damage
  • Inspect shift levers and derailleurs
  • Inspect wheel alignment
  • Clean the bike frame
  • Clean the chain
  • Inspect pedals
  • Recharge battery (if need be)


E-bikes come with a dealer guarantee and any issue within the guarantee period can be handled easily even in the case of replacements. However, maintaining your e-bikes health should be of prime importance since the day it is delivered to your door-step because it requires similar care as your car or motor bike would require but offers much more benefits than any of these.

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