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Why Become a DiroDi Partner?


Good Profit Margin

Are you looking for the most profit possible out of your e-bike shop business? DiroDi can help you with that. There are policies here that help our business partners make the most of it. Competitive prices and free shipment works the best towards your gain. By shipping products directly to your store, we make sure that you get a high profit margin..


Zero Investment

The upside of partnering with DiroDi for you is increasing sales with zero investment. There is no need to go through marketing and advertising to your potential customers. Luckily, with the help of over 30,000 monthly website visitors, DiroDi products are already being seen all over Australia and of course, customers will turn to you for either online or physical purchase.


Pickup Program

Our goal is to put our partnership to good use and so we offer a very convenient “pick up program”. The way it works is that once an order is placed online, the bike will be sent to you for assembling and the customer can pick it up from your shop. This option helps bike owners to be more connected to their local bike shops which is clearly a good thing.


Online Platform

As a shop owner, you would not want to spend much time or effort on your purchases. Understandably, you’d prefer to be more engaged in the selling process. So our business partners can simply use our online platform for product inquiry or placing orders step by step without even sending emails, making phone calls or going through any unnecessary arrangements. Time-saving and easy to follow!


Spare Parts Supply

We know that sometimes there’s a demand for spare parts in your shop. That's why we always have bikes and spare parts in stock and if you or your customer is in need of any items, we'll be happy to send them out ASAP. In most cases, our customers won't have to wait long to be supplied with spare parts or the bike itself.



We agree that your business credit can be affected by the performance of your supplier. Here in DiroDi, one of our goals is to add strength and reliability to your business. So we take quality seriously and with a precise one-percent fault tolerance control we can guarantee that the performance of our bikes and bike parts will be unfailing.


A Full Range of Products

Rover Black
The vintage design Rover 750w is one of the best-selling in Australian bike shops. It has been updated and improved and uses a customised controller that can be limited to 250w and 500w to suit riders’ needs and the terrain they are riding on. It features fat tyres that are becoming a trend in e-bikes these days. The functional design and competitive price has made the Rover 750w popular among “all-terrain cyclists”.
Rover Black
Just as popular as Rover 750w, the 250w model also shares the same vintage design. Despite using a high torque motor, it is road-legal in Australia. Generally, this bike is built to keep the rider moving with a powerful motor versatile enough to perform on almost all terrains such as sand, grass, gravel, etc.
ClassX Electric Bike (2)
The popular ClassX is an iconic e-bike that reflects the spirit of a Dutch bike with a lightweight frame, rear basket and a front carrier for transporting goods. It has a unique minimal design that meets the demands for storage, safety and comfort. The competitive price and ideal features have made it one of the best-selling models of DiroDi.
Classimo Electric Bike
Similar to ClassX, Classimo features a Dutch bike design, looking with a single storage space on the rear side. The price for buyers will be 100$ lower compared to classX which makes it even more competitive. Classimo comes with powerful suspension guaranteeing a smooth ride for city commuters. It is very comfortable to ride and easy to control.
Primo is the last designed model by DiroDi. It has a minimal design with integrated battery and lights, comfortable saddle, hydraulic brakes and puncture resistant tyres for long distance travel. It is equipped with a front carrier and an optional rear basket with a quick release mechanism. For selective riders who prefer to get the best of all features on their bike, Primo comes with everything they need, and even more.
XTreme Electric Bike
xTreme is one of the popular bikes that has it all. It is a 28-inch bike ideal for taller riders (173cm to 2m). It uses a large hidden battery and integrated lights and is equipped with Big Ben puncture proof tyres, a comfortable gel saddle and MIKHD rear rack that allows the rider to attach carriers (child seat, basket ,…) by just one click and remove them in only a few seconds.
Neu Electric
Nue is a minimalistic light-weight e-bike that stands out by its simple design and affordable price and makes cycling more accessible for most riders. It uses a hidden battery supporting a range of 70km, and comes with a comfortable saddle, Schwalbe smart Sam hybrid tyres performing both on-the-road and off-the-road. It features integrated front and rear lights and is for sure one of the sturdy and reliable models in the market.

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