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Bluetti PV200 Solar Panel


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Bluetti PV200

Durable and Splash-Proof

PV200 solar panel type is mono-crystalline and Surface of solid ETFE material. Bluetti PV200 is permeable and splash-proof. Made of hard-wearing Oxford fabric, Bluetti PV200 durable like a backpack. (do not place it under the rain, or to soak in water).

Foldable, Portable & Efficient

* Monocrystalline Solar Cells With Up to 23.4% Efficiency

* Long-lasting ETFE Coating

* Foldable & Portable

* Compatible With Most Solar Generators with MC4 Connectors





ETFE (Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene)

Cell Type

Monocrystaline Silicon

Cell Efficiency

Up to 23.4%

Voltage at Max Power (VMP)


Current at Max Power (IMP)


Open Circuit Voltage (OCV)


Short Circuit Current



Standard MC4 connector

Operating Temperature

14-149 F℉(-10 - 65 C)

Best working temperature

77 F (25 C)

Dimension (folded)

525 × 520mm / 20.7 × 20.5inch

Dimensions (Unfolded)

2200 × 520mm / 86.6 × 20.5inch


7.3 kg - 16.1 lbs

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What can PV200 Charge?

"The PV200 can work with most power stations on the market,

1pcs BLUETTI 200W solar panel can quickly charge the BLUETTI EB55 within 3.5-4hrs.

1pcs BLUETTI 200W solar panel can quickly charge the BLUETTI EB70 within 4.7-5.2hrs.

2pcs BLUETTI 200W solar panels can quickly charge the Bluetti EB150 about 5.5-6 hours by connecting them in series.

3pcs BLUETTI 200W solar panels can quickly charge the BLUETTI AC200P within 4.5-5 hours by connecting them in series.

3pcs BLUETTI 200W solar panels can quickly charge the BLUETTI AC200Max within 4.4-5hrs by connecting them in series.

6pcs BLUETTI 200W solar panels can quickly charge the BLUETTI AC300+2*B300 within 6.5-7hrs by connecting them in parallel.

Besides the BLUETTI power station (AC200P, EB150, AC200, AC200MAX, AC300), it can also be used with Baldr/Jackery/Goal Zero/PaxcessRockpals, AIMTOM, JACKERY If you have your own adapter (need to buy adapter yourself).

Friendly Note: which means that if the total power of your devices exceeds 700W."

Is Bluetti PV200 waterproof?
Yes, IP65 rated for junction box, but do not expose the solar panels to rain or snow. Tips: The charging time are affected by many factors: such as the sunlight intensity and the panel's angle put on the ground. The 200W of solar is tested in an ideal laboratory. However, the intensity of the sunlight constantly changes. In addition, the angel of sunlight to solar panel also changes with the rotation of the sun.
What factors affect the solar conversion rate?

A. The sunlight intensity.

B. Ambient temperature.

C. The angle you place the solar panel to sunlight.

D. The length of the solar charging cable(for third-party cables).

Can I connect PV200 with other solar panel models? (WARNING)
DO NOT connect PV200 with any other solar panel model but PV200, or will be damaged.
How many pieces of solar panels can be used on a power station?

A:Check the Max. Open Circuit voltage and power of solar input of the power station.

B:And the Open Circuit Voltage and Max. Power of the solar panels.

C:Make sure the total Max. voltage and power of the solar panels(in series/parallel) does not exceed the value that the power station can absorb.

D:Make sure the total max. value does not exceed the numbers in the specification when you connect several pieces in series or paralell.

How long is the warranty?
24 months.
What are the compatible Bluetti models?

EB55 (537Wh/700W power station)

EB70 (716Wh/1000W power station)

EB150 (1500Wh/1000W power station)

AC200P (2000Wh/2000W Power Station)

AC200Max (2048Wh/2200W Power Station)

AC300 (3072-12288Wh/3000W Power Station)

B230(2048Wh/500W Extra Battery Pack)

B300(3072Wh/500W Extra Battery Pack)

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