DiroDi Primo Electric Bike (GEN 2)

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2 Years On Frame | 1 Year On Other Parts

DiroDi Primo Gen 2 Electric Bike

At DiroDi, we started a project to design the ideal electric bike that includes all the features required for a premium ride experience without any compromise to save cost. Primo (the step-through version) and xTreme (the step-over version) were the outcomes of that project. We are proud of the outcome, Primo, which is one of the most feature-rich bikes in the market. Primo gen 2 comes with a high torque (60NM) 250W 48V rear hub motor, integrated 48V 14AH Samsung battery, Schwalbe Bigben balloon feel puncture-resistant tyres, front suspension forks, integrated ABUS wheel lock, integrated front and rear lights, colourful display, Tektro hydraulic brakes, front carrier, MIK-HD revolutionary click system rear rack, throttle, 8-speed Shimano Altus gear system and an optional 48V 20AH dual battery and many more features for a hassle-free ride.


Features Overview

250W 48V Rear HUB MOTOR

Primo gen 2 is equipped with a brushless powerful and high-torque rear hub motor. For ultimate hill-climbing power, the motor torque has increased by 50% (To 60NM) from 40NM in gen 1.

SHIMANO Altus 8-speed gear system

Primo's gen 2 is equipped with a Shimano Altus 8-speed gear system (An upgrade from 3-speed in generation 1). Shimano Altus provides a silent and smooth gear change experience. Having 8 gears provides a wide gear ratio, which enables you to ride really fast or climb steep hills with ease when needed.

Tektro Hydraulic Brake

Braking experience plays a critical role in providing the premium ride experience, which Primo is all about. Primo gen 2, comes with best-in-class, Tektro HD-E350 hydraulic brakes with 180mm rotors (An upgrade from Zoom hydraulic disk brakes in Gen 1). Compared to mechanical brakes, hydraulic brakes provide more stopping power with less pressure required on the brake levers. Moreover, the brake pads in hydraulic disc brakes are self-adjusting. So when the pads are worn, automatically the distance between the pads and the rotor is adjusted so you will always have tight brakes. However, with mechanical brakes, you need to readjust the brakes from time to time.


Even on the priciest bikes, saddles can sometimes feel uncomfortable. They're too thin or too wide, they don't have enough gel padding, or they just don't feel right. But not with Dirodi! The gel Selle Royal Drifter saddle on the Primo is large and comfortable, and it is designed to support you in enjoying your ride.

Schwalbe Puncture Resistant Tyres

Getting a flat tyre is an awkward situation and it can get even worse if you're far away from home. That's why for Primo, the best German bike tyre brand, Schwalbe, is used. Primo comes with 26" 2.15" Big Ben Puncture-Resistant Tyres. Schwalbe tyres have a fascinating paradox in their construction: They are soft and comfortable, but also have an incredibly long life. It's an incredible technology only Schwalbe tyres have in among tens of different tyre brands we have tested at DiroDi! Schwalbe big ben tyres are relatively wide (2.15") to provide a feeling as if you are on a balloon. Having relatively wide tyres means You can ride Primo on the road as well as on gravel or on mild off-road tracks.

Hidden Removable Battery

Primo uses a large size 48V 14AH Samsung battery hidden in the frame that gives it an attractive minimal look. The hidden battery might make the bike seem non-electrical at first glance, and that can reduce the risk of theft by itself! It is a removable battery that can be easily brought inside the home or office for a recharge. The battery is located in the centre of the frame, which brings the centre of gravity towards the middle of the bike. This will make it much easier to lift the bike or to ride the bike without any assistance when the battery is flat. On Primo Gen 2, you can install an optional massive 48V 20AH battery. With the second battery, the total battery size will be 2.4 times (34AH vs 20AH). With the standard battery the bike has an average range of 60-80 km range (which will be increased to 170-200km with the second battery).

Battery range

Primo has an average range of 60-80km range. On Primo Gen 2, you can install an optional massive 48V 20AH battery. With the second battery, the total battery size will be 2.4 times the original battery size (34AH vs 14AH). With the second battery, the range will be increased to 170-200km. Primo gen 2 comes with a battery balancer, which automatically switches to the second battery once the primary battery becomes flat.

Front suspension forks

Primo Gen 2 is equipped with premium Suntour front suspension forks with 10 cm of travel (An upgrade from rigid forks in gen 1). The suspension forks together with the soft and wide Schwalbe tyres make the ride very comfortable.


Primo's comes with a throttle, which enables you to ride the bike without pedalling. The throttle is locked to 6 km / h out of the box to be compliant with Australian laws. The throttle max speed can be unlocked for off-road use only. The throttle works the best on off-road, beach rides, etc. when you simply want to get a fast ride doing minimum pedalling.


The front carrier on Primo is a rack on which a basket or any other type of carriage can be installed. On Primo, as opposed to most bikes, the front carrier is attached to the frame rather than the forks. This will enhance the handling noticeably as the weight of the cargo is not transferred to the wheel, and the basket won't turn when you turn the wheel.

REVOLUTIONARY mik hd rear rack and accessories (Child Seat assembly)

Some well know child seat brands including Polisport and Urban Iki have made MIK HD-compatible child seats. Also for other MIK HD accessories including baskets, pet carriers, pannier bags, etc. refer to Basil bags Australia website or search for MIK HD accessories on google.

REVOLUTIONARY mik hd rear rack and accessories (Basket Assembly)

MIK HD rack system is a patented german design. This rack system solves a significant problem with bikes: You use your bike for different purposes and for each purpose you need a different accessory installed on the bike. To buy groceries you will need a large basket. To ride your bike on your camping trips, you will need a pannier bag. To take your child with you on a weekend ride you need to install a child seat. On regular bikes, you need to screw each of those accessories and then unscrew and remove them, which is going to be very time-consuming. With MIK HD racks, you can install/remove any MIK HD-compatible accessory (Child seats, baskets, pannier bags etc.) in 2 seconds! The accessory will click into the rack, and you won't need to use any screws to fix it to the rack.


The ABUS German designed wheel lock on Primo bike makes your bike safe while you are enjoying a cup of coffee in a café, making a delivery or any other situation when you get off your bike briefly. It is firmly attached to the wheel itself, so you don't have to look for a post to lock your bike onto, but if you want to do so, there are optional extensions of the ABUS wheel lock (cable lock & chain lock) that you can use for double safety. You can even use a U-lock along with the wheel lock to secure your bike even better for situations when you leave your bike unattended for long.


Spanninga Axendo Front Light and Spanninga Lineo Rear Light are a dynamic duo that truly bring your bike to life! The front light with 40 Lux light output uses the reverse beam technology and the rear light uses the Light Line Technology and they are both designed to make your ride as visible and safe as possible to other vehicles on the road. These lights are both integrated directly into the battery of your bike so you don't have to worry about charging them separately.

Adjustable stem

Primo bicycles are built to move with you. That's why our Zoom Adjustable Stem is the perfect addition to your bicycle.

The Zoom Adjustable Stem allows you to change your stem's angle so that it fits you just right. No tools required! Just push a button, and you're good to go- no allen key needed or anything else. Plus, with the Zoom Adjustable Stem, you can adjust your stem angle towards yourself, higher or lower, depending on whatever position feels best for you.


Charger Model

DPower 54.6V DC2.1 Charger

Throttle Range (KM)


Battery Weight (KG)


Removable Battery


General Specifications
Waterproof Rating


Road Legal


Road Legality Note

Road legal given the throttle is not unlocked and the max speed isn't increased from the default 25km/h

Handlebars Type


Saddle Model

Selle Royal Drifter Saddle

Grips Model

Velo Comfort Grips (Brown)

Front Light


Rear Light


Front Carrier


Rear Rack


Rear Basket




Bottle Holder




Wheel Lock


USB Charger


Brake Model

Tektro HD-E350

Brake Type

Hydraulic Disk Brakes

Brake Pads Model


Brake Pads Material


Rotor Size (MM)


Brake Cut off Sensor


Number of gears


Derailleur Model

Shimano Altus



Gear Shifter

Shimano Altus

Chain Model


Chainring Model

Prowheel Double Chainring

Chainring Tooth Count


Suspension Compression Adjustment




Suspension Travel (CM)


Default Throttle Max Speed (KM/H)


Throttle Max Unlocked Speed (KM/H)


Puncture Resistant Tyres


Tyre Colour


Front Wheel Mount Type


Rear Wheel Mount Type


Frame Type


Frame Material


Motor Type

Brushless Geared Rear Hub Motor

Default Maximum Speed (KM/H)


Torque (NM)


Bike Geometry
Adjustable Seat Height


Adjustable Handlebars Angle


Standover Height (CM)


Packaging Specifications
Box Weight (KG)


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How long does the order delivery take?
We ship all orders put before 12:00 noon, the same day. Order after 12:00 noon or orders put during public holidays will be shipped the next business day.
Is the bike assembeld?
The bike is delivered in flat carton and is 95% assembled. You can easily finish the assembly by following the assembly instructions. Alternatively, you can have the bike assembled in your local bike shop.
Can i return the bike if i'm not satified?

Yes you can return the bike within 7 days of your order delivery if you are not satisfied with your purchase for full refund. Please refer to our orders terms and condition for more information.

How do I service the bike?
The bike can be serviced in any bike shops as only mechanical parts require servicing.
What are your warranty terms?
2 years warranty for the frame and 1 year for all electronic parts. Please refer to our warranty terms for more information.
What if my bike requires a spare part or a repair?

We always keep spare parts in stock. If a spare part is required, we will send you the part with instructions on how to install the replacement part or do the repair. If the process is too technical for you, you can have it replaced/repaired in your local bike shop.