Sur-Ron Storm Bee Electric Dirt Bike


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The Ultimate Dirt Bike

The all-new Sur-Ron Storm Bee is made for the wildest adventures! Ride around any terrain from dirt roads to forests with the Storm Bee. The massive 22.5kW brushless motor is paired up with an FOC sine wave controller, resulting in less noise, smoother precision and higher efficiency.
Use different riding modes to adapt to different road conditions. Eco mode can maximize the range for you. Rain ode will gently generate power to protect you from potential riding hazards. Sports mode gives you full power and the ability to doing all sorts of tricks. And don’t forget about the furious Turbo mode! No matter the terrain, be it dirt rack, off-road trail or racing circuit, you can rely on Storm Bee!
Sur-Ron Storm Bee has a great dual suspension featuring an Fast Ace 47mm inverted fork as well as a rear Fast Ace air absorber. You won’t need to worry about comfortablity with the amazingly fast and long-range Sur-Ron Storm Bee, as the suspension allows for smooth sailing no matter how bumpy the road gets or how fast you ride.

ASR: Active Slip Reduction

The Storm Bee is fitted with Sur-Ron’s independently-developed ASR (active slip reduction) system, a multi-level system that can be easily adjusted during riding to adapt to any terrain condition and get maximum grip.

BERS: E-Brake Energy Regenerative System

The Storm Bee is fitted with BERS, an adjustable multi-level energy regeneration system providing more range to your battery pack while simulteanously reducin the g braking pressure on your disc brakes.

The Storm Bee is powered by a high-performance and removable 90V/48Ah Sony battery. You can go to distances as far as 100 km while maintaining an average speed of 50 km/h. And it only takes 3-4 hours to fully recharge the bike!

Whats in the box

Sur-Ron Storm Bee F


10A Fast Charger


General Specifications



Ground Clearance


Seat Height


Dry Weight


Curb Weight


Carrying Capacity


Front Fork Travel


Rear Shock/Wheel Travel


Riding Mode

Eco / Rain / Sport Mode + "Turbo" Mode

Frame Design

Aluminum Forged Frame

Front Tire

80 / 100-21 Off Road Tire

Rear Tire

100 / 90-18 Off Road Tire

Assistance Function


Maximum Torque


Top Speed



100km (@50Km/h)

Battery and Motor

Power System

Mid-Drive BLDC Motor + FOC Sine Wave Controller

Rated Power


Maximum Power


Battery Type

Sony VTC 90V/48Ah Lithium-Ion Removable Battery Pack

Charge Time

3-4 Hours

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Check if the flameout switch is on, whether the foot support is folded, and whether the ‘READY’ light is activated by pinching the brake.
The number of E can be set in the instrument, 0-5, a total of 6 sliding power recovery levels.
You can set the number of B in the meter, 0-5, a total of 6 brake assist strength levels.
The number of P can be set in the meter, 0 and 1 can be turn on and off.
The cut-off switch was accidentally activated. If there are frequent large shocks in the riding road conditions, you can set C in the meter to 0. When is set to 0, there may be a risk of injury in this circumstances.
Find out the cause of the failure according to the instruction manual, and please contact the distributor in time.
Please stop using it and contact the distributor immediately.
The advertised cruising distance is tested under ideal conditions, any deviation from the test conditions may result in a change in the cruising range.
When the hardware is in normal condition and the temperature of the controller does not reach the programmed condition, the water cooling system will not working.
The design of the rear flat forks of the two vehicles is different. The chain of the Storm Bee must maintain a certain degree of relaxation before it can be used normally. Please strictly follow the instruction manual for adjustment requirements
Because of the braking system of the Storm Bee, there is only a very small gap or slight friction between the brake pad and the brake disc. If the wheel is floating in the air, rotate the wheel by hand, and there is no obvious resistance, and it is normal. When testing the rear wheel, pay attention to eliminate the interference of the chain.
Please check the code disc if there are any damage or foreign objects caught in it. Check whether if the tire pressure is too large between the front and rear tires, and adjust the tire pressure according to the instructions. If the tire is replaced, pay attention if whether the outer diameter of the replaced tire is different from the outer diameter of the original tire, and match the wheel set according to the official data. Note that the marked size of some tires is different from the actual size tires.
In a fully charged condition, in order to protect the battery, the program automatically turns off these two functions. When the power drops to a certain level, the function will automatically resume.
Please refer to the instruction manual guide book.
Under this conditions, it is best to fully charge the battery each time and wait for the charger to stop automatically. If the vehicle is not used for a long time, it is necessary to charge the battery to 80% of the battery regularly (the battery can be charged and stored when the battery is less than 20%), to avoid permanent damage caused by over-discharge.
It is not recommended to use a high-pressure water gun to rinse, please use a conventional water-pressure shower, combined with a brush, a rag, and a neutral cleaning liquid to clean the vehicle.Note that the chain should be lubricated immediately after cleaning and drying.
12 months.
Test ride can be done at our office in Vermont with an appointment. You can contact us via live chat, email or phone to book a test ride or simply click on the link below to book an appointment online
Eco / Rain / Sport Mode + “Turbo” Mode
Sur Ron Storm Bee is not road legal and is meant for off road use.