Waveshark Efoil


WaveShark E-Foil

WaveShark represents a cutting-edge, high-tech vision of users experiencing the fastest, longest running electric surfboards in the world.
Combining the Zen enjoyment of surfing with intense motorsports, WaveShark is an experience all its own.



Flying with Inner Peace
Immerse yourself in nature the way it should be



180 min[1]

Ride Time

2.6kW·h battery


3-layer waterproof safety design

5-level alarm protection mechanism all-round protection of battery safety

More Ride Time

Levitating above the water is unforgettable and precious. WaveShark Foil is paired with a capacity of 2.6kWh battery which guarantees the longest ride time up to 180* minutes in the market. Search no more, the NEXT foil is here.

WaveShark Foil

Flying with Inner Peace Immerse yourself in nature the way it should be

WaveShark Foil

Flying with Inner Peace
Immerse yourself in nature the way it should be

Super Silent High Power Motor

No sensation is paralleled to gliding over the water without leaving a wake quietly. WaveShark Foil delivers powerful propulsion while keeping the noise at an imperceptible level (environmental noise at 50db).

High-strength carbon fiber

The plate body is made of high-strength carbon fiber, which is specially designed for anti-corrosion in seawater environment, which is strong, reliable and durable.The whole machine has passed 192 quality tests, far exceeding the industry test standards.

Beyond Limitation

WaveShark Foil is so adaptive that it can be used on any waterbodies (rivers, lakes or oceans), regardless of weather condition (windy or waveless), for all consumers (experienced or beginner). Zero-emission enables it to be welcomed in most water sports locations.

Dynamic LED Flow

WaveShark Foil is equipped with an LED taillight, which’s flowing effect signals a turn. Let’s fly with dazzle.

GPS Positioning and Low Battery Reminder

Thanks to embedded GNSS global GPS system and intelligent processor, WaveShark Foil keeps tracking your board,calculates remaining battery level based on speed and route dynamically, marks point of safe return and informs the rider via controller vibrations.

IPX8 Controller and Speed Settings

The wireless waterproof floatable IPX8 controller comes with a wristband and a high brightness AMOLED monitor. It shows the speed and remaining battery with high visibility which won’t be affected by sun exposure or a shiny water surface. 4 speed modes ease your way into mastering the journey above water.

Electric Foil


1680 x 670 x 1000mm


34.5kg(battery included)

Top Speed:

45km/h (28mph)*

Est Ride Time


Load Range

100kg (220lbs)


Carbon Fiber



Operating Temperature


Communication Type

Bluetooth 5.0



Propulsion System

Max Output Power


Motor Type


ESC Critical Functions

ESC protection as Overheat, over-current, over-voltage protection, block protection


Wing Set Cruise

018:985 x 289 x 113mm

Wing Set Sport

011:743 x 714 x 80mm

Remote Controller


AMOLED 0.95inch



Max Operating Time


Charge Time


Protection Grade





Max Power



ESC Critical Functions

ESC protection as Overheat, over-current, over-voltage protection, block protection


520x548x 124mm





Battery Type

lithium battery

Protection Grade


BMS Critical Functions

BMS protection as overheat, over-current, balanced charging, over-voltage protection, over discharge protection, water detection, fault and historical data storage Rated Cycles(>60% Capacity): 600 Cycles

Charge Time


Working Temperature

0-40°C (32-104°F)

Charging Temperature

10-45°C (50-113°F)

You Can Use Free Return Service For This Product.

What type of safety features exist in the eFoil?
The Foil's propulsion automatically stops when the trigger on the hand controller is released, when the hand controller touches the water surface. The most important safety feature to note is the use of protective equipment and caution while using the product to avoid injury while riding.
Who can use a Lift eFoil?
We recommend the Foil for persons ages 16 years and older.
How long does the battery last?
Generally you will get about 45 mins of ride time with one battery, although the ride time depends on many factions (e.g. your weight, the size of the wing that you are using, the type of riding you are doing).
How long does it take to recharge the battery?
The jetboard come standard with a fast charger that will recharge a battery in 3 hours 20 minutes (or under if it is not fully discharged).
What happens when I run low on battery?
The hand controller gives you the percentage battery available when you are riding. When the battery gets to a very low level, the controllers will remind you to return back.
What is the difficulty level?
People who have any experience surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding and/or foiling will quickly be able to master the Lift Foil.For those with no experience, do not worry. It's very easy to learn how to use a Lift Foil. The engineers at Lift specifically designed a system that is easy to use and fun for all types of levels- from beginners to advanced riders.
Which board is right for me?
If you prefer more stability and an easier ride to cruise the waters the explorer version may be a better option. If you prefer something more sporty then the sport version is right for you. It depends on your personal preference and weight.
What do I do if I receive damaged product?
Product damaged during transit will be replaced at no cost to consumer. Product damaged during normal use may be returned and repaired for a fee, after evaluation by us.
How many WaveShark foils do I have to choose from?
WaveShark offers two version foils: The Explorer & the Sport.
How do I use a WaveShark foil ?

"The feeling of flight is one of the most exhilarating experiences you will sense.
We recommend you start by getting a feel for the board and the hand control by lying down on the board first.
Once you feel comfortable slowly begin to ride on your knees.
Once you master riding on your knees feel free to stand up.
Once standing, get a feel for the ride under your feet.
DO NOT attempt to elevate until you feel comfortable and balanced on the board.
Once you feel comfortable and balanced on the board while standing, begin to Lift by slowly accelerating and shifting your weight back, touching and going until you get the hang of it and feel balanced.
We highly recommend you do not tense while you are lifted. The feeling of flight is a foreign experience to most and your initial reaction will be to tense. That is normal, but just relax all your muscles and concentrate on the placement of your feet.
In order to Lift off the water, you must place your weight on your back foot to allow the board to exit the water, but once it is elevated you need to shift your weight forward to balance the board and fly.
Remember you need to remain above a certain speed to stay lifted. If you do not add enough speed, you will not lift off the water.
DO NOT push the throttle all the way down, slowly increase the speed and you will gain enough speed to elevate off the water.
Maintain a steady speed once elevated.
Remember, where you look, your body turns and the board will follow.By increasing your speed when lifted, you will turn more seamlessly.
To stop the board, simply let go of the throttle.
If you feel you are losing your balance and are going to fall, make your best effort to simply jump away from the board and foil. Do not try to correct. You want to avoid crashing into your equipment and will gradually find an easy way to fall off into the water; it is part of the experience. Just get back on the board and keep riding."

Remote control calibration
How long does delivery take?
Tracking numbers are usually ready 2 days after purchase. In case of backlog, the delivery might take 3-4 days.
What are the advantages of lithium power station compared with gasoline generator?

* More compact and lightweight
* Zero emissions, Eco-friendly
* No fumes, Cost-efficient, less maintenance
* Flexible recharge from AC/Car/Solar
* Silent operation

What are the occasions of portable Power storage?

Indoor and outdoor use such as:
* Home backup
* Festivals/BBQ/Party
* Medical devices like CPAP
* Outdoor adventure/travel/camping/tailgating/van life
* Disaster relief like hurricane/flood/wild fire/earthquake power breakout
* Event production/filmmaking/photography/drone…
* With the portable power station in hand, there is no reason to be left in the dark if you suddenly lose power

What types of devices can your power station charge?

The power station can charge all kinds of devices such as CPAP, Laptop, Phone, tablet, led lamp, drone, car mini fridge, Gopro, SPEAKER, TV screen, Camera, etc.

What are your warranty terms?
24 months for power station, 12 month for accessories (Adapter/Cable/others)
How do you support maintenace?
Bluetti will repair/replace any faulty products during the warranty period due to defect in workmanship or material.
How long can the power station run my device?
You can roughly calculate the charging time:
you need to do some search or check the power of your device, it should not be exceed our max. power limits .
charge time(rough calculated) = our power station Wh* 0.85 / operating power of your device
This is the theoretical value calculated: charge it without using it. Actual working time may varies on how you use the device.r pretium congue a vestibulum suspendisse scelerisque condimentum parturient quam.Aliquet faucibus condimentum amet nam a nascetur suspendisse habitant a mollis senectus suscipit a vestibulum primis molestie parturient aptent nisi aenean.A scelerisque quam consectetur condimentum risus lobortis cum dignissim mi fusce primis rhoncus a rhoncus bibendum parturient condimentum odio a justo a et mollis pulvinar venenatis metus sodales elementum.Parturient ullamcorper natoque mi sagittis a nibh nisi a suspendisse a.
What types of charging ports is your power station equipped with?

Our Power Stations featured with multiple Outputs: AC, DC, and a USB port that can power up

How to recharge for our power station?
Our power station can be recharged by wall charger/solar charger and car charger. Some models need to buy a dc to car power inverter for car full recharge.
How to choose the solar panel?
Make sure it meets the below:

1)Open Circuit Voltage(OCV) is within our input voltage range,
2)the current and power not exceed our max. input current/power limits
3) with the same power connector (MC4 or Anderson)