Waveshark jetboard

WaveShark Jetboard

Born to Thirll

We have studied the rules of hydrodynamics to perfect all aspects of our WaveShark Jetboards including improved hull shape, optimized weight distribution, ultra-light carbon fiber material, and bionic fin design. No matter if it’s for straightforward runs or sharp corners, driving the water has never been more exhilarating and agile.



WaveShark Jetboard


Top Speed


Accelerate to 37mph[1]


Extended Batteries


2021 Red Dot Award Winner

WaveShark Jetboard has won the 2021 Red Dot Award for its outstanding design, hydrodynamics, propulsion and endurance.

3 Seconds to Reach Top Speed

Ready to get pumped up with adrenaline and dopamine?

GPS Positioning and Low Battery Reminder

Thanks to embedded GNSS global GPS system and intelligent processor, WaveShark Jetboard keeps tracking your board, calculates remaining battery level based on speed and route dynamically, marks point of safe return and informs the rider via controller vibrations.

Convenient Modularity

You are witnessing the most sophisticated and user-friendly modular design in the electric surfboard world. Hull, battery, ESC (Electronic Speed Controller), motor and jet can all be installed and dismantled easily. This not only provides for easy transportation but also simplifies maintenance for consumers and rental centers thanks to the modular system.

IPX8 Controller

This wireless waterproof floatable IPX8 controller comes with a wristband.
Risk of losing the controller in water has been dramatically minimized.

IPX8 Controller

This wireless waterproof floatable IPX8 controller comes with a wristband.
Risk of losing the controller in water has been dramatically minimized.

Electric Jetboard


1800 x 675 x 186mm


54.9kg(battery included)

Top Speed

60km/h (37mph)*

Est Ride Time


Load Range

100kg (220lbs)


Carbon Fiber



Operating Temperature

0-40°C (32-104°F)



Communication Type

Bluetooth 5.0

Propulsion System

Max Output Power


Motor Type


ESC Critical Functions

ESC protection as Overheat, over-current, over-voltage protection, block protection

Battery Dimensions

751x 543 x 115mm

Remote Controller

Communication Type

Bluetooth 5.0

Max Distance



AMOLED 0.95inch



Max Operating Time


Charge Time


Protection Grade


Working Temperature

0-40°C (32-104°F)



751x 543 x 115mm





Battery Type

Li-ion battery

Protection Grade


BMS Critical Functions

BMS protection as overheat, over-current, balanced charging, over-voltage protection, over discharge protection, water detection, fault and historical data storage

Rated Cycles(>60% Capacity)

300 Cycles

Charge Time


Working Temperature

0-40°C (32-104°F)

Charging Temperature

10-45°C (50-113°F)




Max Power


You Can Use Free Return Service For This Product.

How do I prepare the jetboard before going out riding?
Always make sure to set up the jetboard away from water. It is important that the WaveShark Power Pack is only connected in a dry area. Carefully insert the battery into the compartment and close the locks on both sides. Connect the leash to your ankle. Now, you will be able to connect to the bluetooth remote – press the power button for a few seconds until the LEDs light up. Once the connection is established, you can take your board into the water and get started.
How can I make sure I am staying safe while riding the jetboard?
We strongly recommend that all jetboard riders wear a helmet and an impact vest when riding. Be sure to also always check the rules and regulations of the country in which you plan to ride.
How do I maintain the board after riding?
After riding, always tilt the jetboard to allow for water to drain properly. Rinse the board with fresh water, especially the battery and all electrical connectors . Let all them dry, Take out the power pack and charge it in dry conditions. Remove seaweed or leaves carefully from the jetpack after the power pack is disconnected.
Can I surf behind a boat?
No, riding behind a boat is very unsafe. It is important to never ride behind a boat for the safety of of your jetboard and yourself.
How do I pair the remote with the board?
Attach the magnet of the leash to the holder at the back of the board. Press the throttle all the way down until the LEDs start flashing. When they stop flashing, the remore is paired with the board.
Can I charge the battery with my charger in any outlet?
You can charge the battery in any 220V / 110V outlet. If multiple appliances run on the same fuse, make sure it can bear the additional 2000 Watts that will be drawn.
Where can I download the WaveShark App?
The WaveShark App works both on Android and iOS and can be downloaded via on Google Play or App Store.
Can I change out my board, battery, and accessories?
Our boards have a modular design which means that you can easily replace your jetpack, battery, and accessories (leash, remote, charger, handles, board bag) at any time.
Can I ride a WaveWhark jetboard in salt water?
Yes, you can absolutely ride in salt water, but you should always rinse the entire board with fresh water after to remove the salt residue.
How can I sign up for the WaveShark App?
You can sign up with your phone number or with your Email.
How do I connect my jetboard to the WaveShark App?
To connect your board to the WaveShark App, you need to enable Bluetooth on your phone. To connect to the jetboard, the battery has to be plugged in. When your jetboard is found by the app, a notification will show and ask you to connect.
What features can I use in the App?
After riding, you can upload data to the app that will let you view your rides and check your top speed when needed.
The battery is not charging even though it is connected properly.
Please clean the battery connectors with WD40 lubricant
Water got into the connector of the board/the battery. What do I need to do?
Do not connect the battery to the board and let it dry for a couple of hours. To avoid this from happening, always make sure you store the board in dry conditions and assemble/disassemble the board away from the water (e.g. on a boat, a dock or on land).
What is the weight of the jetboard?
Our jetboards’weights as follows: 54.9kg, Note that the board weigh 24.4kg/ and the battery weigh 30.5kg
What are the optimal water conditions for riding the jetboard?
Our jetboards perform best in relatively calm waters where they can reach speeds of up to 60kmh/35mph. Increased resistance caused by waves and wind can be a fun challenge, but such water conditions do hinder the ability to reach max speed. For beginners, we recommend starting in smooth water conditions to get accustomed to controlling the board and keeping the balance.
What happens when I fall of the board while riding?
You get only wet! Our jetboard are designed with a safety strap that attaches to the controller via a magnetic kill switch. Should you fall off while riding, the strap will disconnect and the board will turn off automatically. When you reattach the controller , the controller reconnects to the board will allows you to continue your adventure.
How long does delivery take?
Tracking numbers are usually ready 2 days after purchase. In case of backlog, the delivery might take 3-4 days.
What are the advantages of lithium power station compared with gasoline generator?

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What are the occasions of portable Power storage?

Indoor and outdoor use such as:
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What types of devices can your power station charge?

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What are your warranty terms?
24 months for power station, 12 month for accessories (Adapter/Cable/others)
How do you support maintenace?
Bluetti will repair/replace any faulty products during the warranty period due to defect in workmanship or material.
How long can the power station run my device?
You can roughly calculate the charging time:
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What types of charging ports is your power station equipped with?

Our Power Stations featured with multiple Outputs: AC, DC, and a USB port that can power up

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