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7 basic rules to consider in Australia before hitting the road on your electric bicycle

7 Basic Rules in Australia Before Hitting The Road on Electric Bicycle

2020 has been a year plagued by the global pandemic of Covid-19, which has seen a rise in a number of trends like, work from home facilities to riding electric bikes as a form of social distancing and most of these trends are now here to stay.

Just like we have certain laws we abide while we work from home, there are laws on electric bikes as well! So what really are the laws on electric bikes in Australia?

All Australian e-bikes should be EN15194 Certified bikes and not complying with this standard puts you at risk. Occurrences of individuals not complying with the desired standards has often led to ghastly consequences like in one incident an old pedestrian was knocked dead in Sydney with an electric bicycle that didn’t meet the standard speed limit of 25km/hr as per Australian laws for e-bikes and thus liable to the crime.

The following are some basic Australian electric bike laws that will need to be ticked in your checklist,

  • Any electric bicycle in Australia on the road with a power output of more than 250W with a pedal assist system is illegitimate
  • The power of your 250W motor may only activate by pedaling over 6km/hr and should be automatically cut if the speed reaches above 25km/hr
  • The motor should cease power in case the pedaling is stopped or brakes are applied
  • Compulsory to have a working bell, light and reflector along with a helmet unless the rider is exempted from wearing one
  • Overpowered ebikes (higher than 250W) having motors that continue to work over 25km/hr will need to be registered and require a driving license
  • E-bikes with throttle may not exceed a motor power of 200W
  • Electric bicycles should have a standard label certifying that the bike meets all requirements of EN15194, the name of the company and the cut off speed for the motor it carries which as per standard is 25km/hr i.e., Zinemo PTY LTD, meets EN15194 standards with a cut off speed of 25km/hr
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In the real world, ebike enthusiasts have the overwhelming opinion that the laws are stringent on biking and need a change so that all users of electric bikes get maximum benefits.

We all use electric bicycles for different reasons and our needs are not always monotonous. Advancement in technology and developing of new rules such as age group classified ebikes may resolve a lot of issues that users generally face. All of this requires a thought process that will keep you and everyone around you as a rider safe.

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