Sur ron Electric Bike

The dirt-riding star – Sur-Ron Light Bee X is an electric motocross bike for every adventure seeker. Way more powerful than a motorcycle, lighter than a regular dirt bike, this rugged moped was built from the ground up to be non-intimidating and easy to ride. It’s perfect for off-road use and delivers intense performance at a moment’s notice. Made for total control, it can go through almost any terrain without breaking a sweat.
Sur-Ron is not just a dirt bike, it’s an adventure waiting to happen. From the moment you pull on your helmet, you’ll be ready to explore, free from noise and fumes. It is a high-end dirt bike which is both fun and practical. This electric motocross is a perfect choice for those who want to ride off the beaten path. It has been optimized for the most extreme conditions: weather-resistant, shockproof and anti-corrosion.
Sur-Ron’s Light Bee is among the most popular electric dirt bikes for sale in Australia, especially those riders who long to feel light and unbound while dirt riding. The Light Bee comes with a standard Lithium-Ion battery and with the lightweight design, this bike can travel up to 100km on a single charge.
Sur Ron light bee x off-road electric dirt bike is designed to take on any challenge with its amazing shock absorption system and powerful motor. Making your ride smoother and more durable with a high-power battery pack, charging time is just 3 hours – 4 hours tops. If you like to enjoy the thrill and speed of off-road riding, Sur ron Australia should be your choice.

Sur-Ron Light Bee X Black Edition 2022 Sur-Ron Light Bee X combines excellent performance with an exciting appearance. Under the dynamic appearance, it hides a wild and enthusiastic heart, combining both high torques from a dirt bike and lightweight and agility from a downhill bicycle that makes it one of the best choices for your holiday exploration across rugged terrains and nature in Australia.
60V/ 32AH
Sur-Ron Light Bee X is available for purchasing online through the link – All around Australia, e-bike lovers have always loved the idea of browsing on our website to find the bike which is perfect for their taste. Actually, buying electric bikes online has never been so easy. All you need to do is click on the link below to read more about the stunning dirt-bike model- Sur-Ron Light Bee. Drop the item in the cart and make the purchase. What remains after that is to wait for the bike to come to your door in just a few days. Especially if you are living in Melbourne, it will take only 3 to 4 days for your bike to be delivered to you, safe, intact and amazingly fast! If you have any questions about the purchase, you can contact us on this very website through chat or simply contact our main office for help.
We understand that when you buy a new electric bike, you’ll want to know that your investment is protected. That’s why we’re excited to announce that here in DiroDi, sur ron electric bike comes with a one-year warranty on electrical components like the battery, the motor etc. and a two-year warranty on non-electrical parts like the frame, wheels, saddle etc. Sur-Ron bikes are designed to be taken anywhere, and then put through their paces, But if needed, this warranty will replace any parts needed to get your bike back in working order. Whether you’re looking for the sur-ron light bee x off road electric dirt bike or any other models, we hope this warranty will help give you peace of mind about our products and let you focus on what really matters: getting out there and having FUN!

Normally, in DiroDi, electric bikes come with free shipment and buyers do not have to pay for delivery. Surron bike also comes with free shipping. But it is a limited time offer until the end of March in which you can get free delivery. After that date, delivery will cost $199. so don’t wait! If you’ve been thinking about getting your own Sur-ron light bee x offroad electric dirt bike, now’s the time.

Now you must be wondering how come Sur-Ron is among the popular dirt-bikes in Australia despite shipment charges. The truth is all around Australia, Sur ron electric dirt bike is known for its highly affordable price. The price of a Light Bee X is almost half of what you need to pay to buy a similar electric dirt bike of another brand. Sur-Ron has not compromised on quality or any features of a perfect dirt-bike, yet, it has made it as affordable as possible to Australian buyers.

So, even if you skip the free delivery offer of March and decide to make a purchase after that date, still you can be very sure that the affordable price of the bike totally compensates for the shipment charge that you have to pay.

No, you don’t have to. As a buyer who longs to get the electrical dirt-bike delivered and enjoy the off-road ride as soon as possible, you should not have to deal with all the complications of your bike’s assembly. Don’t sweat it as we’ve done the assembling for you. The bike will be delivered to you %85 to %95 assembled already. In fact, delivery and assembly of the Sur Ron light bee x electric dirt bike is a breeze. It is delivered almost completely assembled, with just a few parts to attach. That will be described in detail in the user manual. We assure that you can figure it out yourself but if you would like some guidance on it, you can get help from a reliable professional to help you out.
Yes, it is doable! You can absolutely test ride a Sur-Ron electric bike before you buy it. We get a lot of our customers contacting us and asking for test rides, especially with more expensive bikes like Light Bee X dirt bikes. It’s a great way to make sure the bike you’re interested in is truly a good fit for you. The best place to do that is at our Melbourne office and there is one way to go about booking the test ride: If you’re in Melbourne, Australia, we ask that you reach out to us in advance so we can ensure the bike will be available and ready when you arrive. You can contact our team directly to set up a time that works for you. Once booked, visit our office and enjoy your test ride. Of course, It’s just a test ride – no pressure! We want you to know that getting a test ride doesn’t mean you have to buy the bike if you don’t love it. You can breathe a sigh of relief. Just enjoy your ride and see how you feel. We want to make sure you’re happy, so if you have any questions before or during your test ride, don’t hesitate to ask!
Sur-Ron Light Bee is known for its highly affordable price. Despite the high quality and the amazing cool design and the powerful motor, surron Australia has kept the price as affordable as possible – almost half the price of other counterparts in the market! Sur-Ron electric dirt bike – Light Bee X – will cost you $6,490 AUD if you purchase it through our website and the good news is that if you make the purchase before the end of March, the shipment will be free of charge! But even if you decide to buy it after the month of March, you’ll only have to pay $199 for delivery. The affordable price of Sur-Ron has actually made the delivery charge OK for most buyers as they say it’s true value for money for a bike that costs so much less than other models like it.
If you have a problem, the first thing we’d recommend is taking a look at the manual that comes with your bike. The manual coming along with Light Bee X is a detailed one perfectly arranged and understandable for a non-expert. It covers most common issues you might run into when using your Surron light bee, so it should be able to answer any questions you have about your bike’s functionality. Once you notice what exactly is going wrong with your bike, the manual can walk you through the solutions in great detail. We agree that an electric bike is an incredibly technical piece of equipment, and it can be a little intimidating. That’s why the manual is written to be easy to follow and we’re confident that it will help you sort it out! Yet, if you don’t feel comfortable troubleshooting the issues yourself, or simply can’t find the answer you’re looking for in the manual, you can either contact us or ask a reliable expert for help.
Bike maintenance can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. For issues with electric bike systems like battery, sensors, motor, etc., you should see an expert who knows how those systems function to make sure you don’t do more harm than good. We especially recommend that you take your bike to a certified mechanic for battery issues. After all, getting battery replacement or repair is not a DIY project and any alterations done by someone who isn’t trained to handle them can void your warranty. But once you make sure that the issue is not stemming from the electrical system like getting a puncture or needing saddle adjustments, most local bike mechanic shops should be able to handle the situation. Maybe even in some cases, you would be able to deal with it in your own garage – if you consider yourself handy and tool-friendly.

Most of the time, the problem is not as serious as the rider assumes it to be. Like it or not, sometimes bike mechanics in Melbourne complain that customers refer to them for the kind of issues that are not related to battery failure and the riders themselves can easily figure it out and resolve it.
Deleted: Of course, one important thing that indicates your battery might be the problem is not getting any current in your electrical system. So, the first thing you might notice would be the display or lights not working. Not to mention that the bike itself would not start in such cases. So, deciding whether something is going wrong or not is actually plain sailing.
Deleted: But before you get worried and rush to your local e-bike mechanic shop, check the following probable issues yourself:
Deleted: · Make sure the battery has been fully charged.
Deleted: · Make sure there is nothing wrong with the connectors and cables.
Deleted: · Make sure the battery is firmly sitting on the connectors and the holder.
Deleted: Once you realize that everything else is working fine on your electric ride and there is no voltage running in the battery, you can begin to look for a technician experienced with batteries. Remember that before the casing is opened for repairing or replacing inner parts, you need to contact DiroDi to make sure the process will not void your warranty.

There’s nothing better than turning your electric motocross into what you want it to be. You can add some personality by customizing your dirt bike with amazing functional accessories available in bike shops all around Melbourne, Sydney and any other city in

Every seasoned rider knows that like anything else, the more you love your electric motocross the more accessories you would like to buy and use on it. Without doubt, your cross bike can be your reliable companion, if you buy the best version of accessories that fit your ride.

Some of these accessories that will spice up your ride and make it even cooler are the carrying bags and cases, tire pumps, tool kits, grips, phone holders and GPS units.

These accessories make your trip a lot more fun but some are actually a must such as a helmet, goggles and off-road riding suit as they will protect you from any splashes, bruises or more serious injuries.

The good news is that you can find most of these accessories in regular bike shops. You will not have to take the trouble to necessarily looking for an electric bike shop. So, we suggest that you find the nearest bike shop and go for fun accessory shopping.

Chain breaking is one of the most common issues that happen in bikes whether your bike is electric or not. In order to avoid a broken chain and keep it intact, you need to install a chain guard and always try to lubricate the chain at a regular interval.
Generally, a chain may break in one of the possible situations below:

  • when it reaches its usable life
  • when it is not maintained properly
  • when links get worn out over time
  • when there is rust and corrosion
  • when the chain is either over-tightened or loose

Luckily, the problem of a broken chain is something you can handle even in a regular bike shop. Any experienced bike professional would know how to put the chain links back in order. Even better, if you have the right chain tools in your own toolbox, you can simply fix it without a hitch!

Like it or not, it’s not quite as simple as just buying an electric dirt-bike, then riding it anywhere you, please!

Actually, no electric dirt bikes are legal in the city streets of Australia. You are only allowed to operate them on private property, roads out of town and of course off-the-road and on dirt-bike trails.

That is the price you have to pay for seeking more adventure rides by choosing an Electric dirt bike. But let’s look the other way. There are plenty of upsides to riding a motocross. Normally, dirt bikes are ideal for road and off-road riding because they require less maintenance than a regular e-bike, which means more time spent enjoying the dirt-bike trails.

We hope you are not hesitating about using a helmet – the best protection for defending against a head injury! In fact, using cycling helmets should be considered essential and it is. If you are going to ride a motorcycle in Australia, you are required to wear a helmet. This is an Australian regulation that is enforced in all states and territories of the country. The good news is that full-face motorcycle helmets are available in every city across the country.

So, it would be a great choice to always wear protective headgear at all times. Actually, for off-road dirt-bike riding, we would even suggest using additional accessories like knee joint protectors and etc.

The fun fact is that the lightweight of the Sur-Ron electric dirt bike has made it a suitable choice for young adults and teens who are interested in dirt-biking. But of course, there are conditions:

  • Teenagers under 16 years of age cannot ride the bike without the supervision of an adult and that is the law of all Australian states.
  • They have to be confident of handling all bike controls and not try to do any bike tricks without being trained.
  • They have to make sure that the bike is a good size for them.

The thing is at Surron light bee’s youth electric dirt bike we carry only one size, so if a teenager is interested in riding it, maybe by making some small alterations such as adjusting the saddle height they can customize it to fit them the best.

Obviously, dirt-bikes are all made to make the most of speed and adrenaline. So, it would actually make no sense to tell a motocross rider to ride only within a limited speed.

As for Light Bee X, you can enjoy riding as fast as 100 km/h! You can even ride it as a racing bike.

But remember that speeding on a dirt bike is only allowed while you are off-the-road. The moment you get on the main road heading back to the city, you will be allowed to go only as fast as 25 km/h with the motor working.

Some bikers might go faster than that without being noticed by police. But if you are interested in getting a road ride at high speed, our suggestion is that you get on pedalling mode without the motor assistance before you speed up and then you can go fast as long as you feel safe on the road.

The Sur-Ron Light Bee is not just fun, it is fast, cool-looking and of course, requires a helmet to ride. But here comes the best part… No licence is required to ride this electric dirt bike in Australia!

Lucky for you, these high-performance dirt bikes are legal to ride in Australia without a licence.

In fact, if you do not have a motorcycle license but wish to get on off-road trails and enjoy awesome dirt-jumping just like any other biker, this bike is definitely the one for you!