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Dirodi Rover Plus Retro fat tyre electric bike (250W – 48V) GEN3


Dirodi Rover Plus Retro fat tyre electric bike (750W – 48v) GEN3


DiroDi xTreme Electric Bike (GEN 3)


DiroDi Rover Retro Fat Tyre Electric Bike (750w- 48v)


DiroDi Rover Retro Fat Tyre Electric Bike – Gen 3 (250w- 48v)


100% Australian Owned.

DiroDi specialises in designing and supplying e-mobility products such as electric bikes and scooters. As an Australian brand, our goal is to become a world-class leader in the industry through our vision and strategic development.


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Lisa Suling-Maslin
Lisa Suling-Maslin
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Fantastic electric bike company. Very happy with my e-bike, it's the best bike I have ever ridden. It feels well built and rides very smoothly. Customer service is excellent as well.
Adrian Epstein
Adrian Epstein
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Incredible service from research to purchase to after care. I purchased a Rover and the quality of it and comfort is perfect. I couldn't ask for any more and strongly recommend them. This bike is defo one to beat and a bargain at the price too! Thanks legends and keep up the awesome work! 🤙🏼
Louie Veleski
Louie Veleski
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I purchased the 750W Rover and boy does this thing turn heads. It's a very quick and sturdy bike and I would highly recommend it to anyone that is thinking of purchasing an electric bike with power and lots of vintage character. I would also like to say that Dirodi's service is absolutely fantastic from the moment you order the bike, all the way until you pick it up. They assemble it free of charge for you and always happy to answer any after sales questions you might have. I love my bike so much that I ended up buying a Dirodi Classico ebike for my partner. Thanks again Pasha for the fantastic service you provided and wish you and your team all the best for the future!!
John Bambo (Bam)
John Bambo (Bam)
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Fantastic electric bike company. Very happy with my e-bike, it's the best bike I have ever ridden. It feels well built and rides very smoothly. Customer service is excellent as well.
Carole R
Carole R
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We Now have two dirodi bikes and I have a scooter 🛴. Dirodi’s service is fantastic they are quick to assist you and help you with any questions. And, their delivery is quick. The bikes have been amazing and we have had many hours riding. They are a comfortable ride and no fuss. Easy to assemble and operate. The scooter is great fun and easy to use. Great quality great prices and phenomenal service. I highly recommend these products.

Welcome to DiroDi: Your Ultimate Destination for Electric Bikes in Australia

Looking for the perfect electric bike to revolutionise your daily commute or weekend adventures? Look no further! DiroDi offers an extensive range of high-quality electric bikes in Australia, designed to suit every rider’s needs and budget. Shop our online range of electric bicycles today and experience the freedom of e-bike riding.

Explore Our Unbeatable Selection of e-Bikes

At DiroDi, we understand that every rider is unique. That’s why we offer a large range of electric bikes for sale, including electric mountain bikes, urban e-bikes, and commuter bikes. Our electric bicycles are designed specifically to enhance your riding experience and tackle Australia’s diverse terrain with ease. From steep hills to urban jungles, our e-bikes are ready for any challenge.

Electric Mountain Bikes: Conquer the Trails

Take on big climbs and rugged trails with our electric mountain bikes, equipped with powerful mid-drive motors for extra power and a smooth ride. With an e-MTB, you’ll enjoy the perfect balance of pedal power and electric assistance, ensuring a thrilling ride with less fatigue. Don’t let steep hills hold you back – our electric mountain bikes are perfect for tackling Australia’s most challenging trails.

Urban E-Bikes: Transform Your Daily Commute

Upgrade your daily commuting experience with our range of urban e-bikes. These sleek, stylish electric bicycles are designed for easy storage and manoeuvrability on city streets. With a battery-powered motor providing electric assist, you’ll enjoy a faster, more efficient ride without breaking a sweat.

Commuter Bikes: Reliable, Practical, and Fun

Discover our range of commuter bikes, designed to make your daily ride more enjoyable and environmentally friendly. With an electric motor and battery providing pedal assistance, you’ll arrive at your destination fresh and energised. Our commuter bikes are also perfect for weekend adventures, ensuring you’ll never want to take the car again.

The Best Electric Bikes at Unbeatable Prices

At DiroDi, we’re committed to offering the best electric bikes at competitive price points. With our extensive range of e-bikes, you’ll find the perfect bike to suit your needs and budget. Don’t compromise on quality – shop our selection of electric bikes for sale and experience the difference for yourself.

Why Choose an Electric Bike?

Electric bikes, or e-bikes, are becoming increasingly popular for their ability to combine the benefits of traditional bicycles with the convenience of electric assistance. Whether you’re looking for a way to get more exercise, reduce your reliance on a car, or simply enjoy the great outdoors, an e-bike is the perfect solution. Experience the freedom and power of electric biking with DiroDi’s wide range of e-bikes.

Electric Assistance: Making Every Ride Easier

The key feature of an electric bike is its motor, which provides power output to assist with pedalling. This electric assistance makes it easier to tackle hills, headwinds, and long rides, ensuring you can enjoy the journey without exhausting yourself. With an e-bike, you’ll be able to ride further, faster, and with more confidence.

Customizable Power Levels

Electric bikes offer various power levels, allowing you to tailor the level of assistance to suit your needs. Whether you’re looking for a gentle boost or a powerful push, you’ll be able to find the perfect balance of pedal and electric power.

Battery Life and Riding Range

Moderne-bikes come equipped with long-lasting batteries, ensuring you have the riding range to cover your daily commute or weekend adventures. Many electric bikes feature removable batteries, making it easy to recharge them at home or the office. With an e-bike, you can enjoy worry-free riding and explore Australia’s beautiful landscapes with confidence.

Exercise and Fitness Benefits

While electric bikes offer the convenience of motor assistance, they still provide a great workout. With adjustable power levels, you can choose how much assistance you want and adjust it according to your fitness level or desired intensity. By combining the fun of traditional biking with the ease of electric power, e-bikes make it easy to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

Shop the Best E-Bikes Australia-Wide at DiroDi

Ready to discover the perfect electric bike for your needs? Browse our extensive range of electric bikes for sale and experience the DiroDi difference. With our commitment to quality, value, and customer satisfaction, you can trust us to provide the best e-bikes Australia has to offer. Don’t wait any longer to experience the freedom, power, and fun of electric biking. Shop our selection of electric bikes today and unlock a world of adventure, exercise, and convenience. Take a moment to explore our diverse e-bike categories, which include:1000 Watt e-bikeselectric bikes for ladiese-bikes for Ubere-bikes for uber eats delivery, fat tyre e-bike, and electric bikes in Melbourne and Sydney.

Electric Bike FAQs

DiroDi is an Australian e-mobility brand that focuses on designing and supplying electric bikes and scooters. Our aim is to be a world-class brand, driven by our vision and commitment to continuous improvement. We believe that advances in lithium battery technology will revolutionise transportation, recreation, and daily life.

We prioritise reliability, comfort, style, and affordability in our products. Our direct-to-customer online sales model allows us to offer high-quality, stylish, and reliable e-bikes and scooters at affordable prices. We are constantly refining our products to ensure they meet our customers’ needs and expectations.

E-bike servicing is similar to regular bike servicing as electric components don’t require routine maintenance.

No, e-bikes are not gender-specific. Frame type preferences depend on individual needs and tastes.

Yes, e-bikes offer a customizable workout experience, as riders can adjust the motor assistance level to suit their desired level of exertion.

Our e-bikes and scooters are water-resistant but not submersible. Avoid using pressure hoses or jet power washers when cleaning.

No licence is needed if your e-bike complies with Australian road legality standards.

How can I protect my e-bike from theft?

Invest in a high-quality lock, consider insurance, and explore GPS tracking options for added security.

Choose based on personal preferences, riding habits, and specific needs.

Select handlebars based on your riding style and desired level of comfort.

Yes, but be prepared for increased effort due to the added weight and motor drag. Alternatively, try setting the motor assistance to the lowest level for a similar experience to a regular bike.

DiroDi batteries last 500-1000 recharge cycles or 2-4 years. To prolong battery life, recharge promptly, unplug when fully charged, maintain optimal battery levels, and avoid extreme temperatures.

Visit your local state government website for updated e-bike laws. Generally, motor power must not exceed 250W and max pedal assist speed must be 25 km/h.

At DiroDi, we understand that shipping costs can be a hassle. That’s why we offer FREE shipping on all our products! The price you see is the final price you pay.

Yes, you can pick up from our warehouse in Bangholm, Victoria, 3175, or our office in Vermont, Victoria, 3133.

We offer a hassle-free return policy. If you change your mind within 14 days of receiving your item, you can return it for a full refund. We even cover the return shipping cost!

We offer a 2-year warranty on e-bike frames and a 1-year warranty on electronic parts. For e-scooters, there’s a 1-year warranty on all parts. Extended warranties are available for an additional cost.

Order securely via our website’s checkout system. If you need assistance, use our live chat for a quick response.

We use SSL encryption to ensure your personal details are secure. Sensitive payment information is transmitted directly to the payment gateway, and we don’t access or store your data.

DiroDi e-bikes and e-scooters are 85-95% pre-assembled. Follow our clear instructions to complete the process with ease. If you need help, reach out via live chat. Alternatively, a local bike shop can assemble it for you at a small cost, or we can assemble it at our Vermont warehouse for pick-up.

Check the sizing guidelines on our website, and consider the stand-over height and saddle height for your comfort. If you need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Yes, get a $50 discount per bike when you order 2 bikes. For larger orders, contact us for a custom offer.

Orders placed before 12pm on business days are dispatched the same day. Orders after 12pm or on public holidays ship the next business day.

Once dispatched, delivery times typically take:
3-7 Business days to Metropolitan areas around Australia
An additional 2-3 business days for regional areas

Your bike arrives 95% assembled in a cardboard box. Complete assembly using the provided instructions or have it assembled at a local bike shop.

Yes, return your bike within 7 days of delivery for a full refund. Refer to our order terms and conditions for details.

Service your e-bike every 6 months for daily use or 12 months for infrequent use. Perform regular check-ups every 2-4 weeks based on usage.

We prioritise quality, but if a defect occurs, we’ll send a replacement part with detailed instructions. You can also have repairs done at a local bike shop. Warranty claims cover spare parts and repair costs according to our terms and conditions.

Standard spare parts are available online. For DiroDi-specific parts (battery, LCD, controller, motor, etc.), contact us to order promptly.

Contact us to order compatible spare parts for your DiroDi products.

We offer a 2-year warranty on frames and 1-year warranty on electronic parts. See our warranty terms for more information.

Find the serial number on the front side of the frame or under the frame between the two cranks. Keep a record of the serial number for theft reporting purposes.

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