6 Important Factors on How to Choose an E-Bike

25 April 2023 by
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Fast-paced trends and the rise in technology have predominantly seen drastic changes in the evolution of almost every product in the market today. It's the same trend with an Australian E-bike. Research shows that in 2019, people spent about 2.9 hours cycling a week, while it was 2.5 hours back in 2017. Additionally, about 3.43 million Australians ride bikes for transportation and recreational purposes every week, which is quite a large number. So, what factors do you typically consider when choosing your Australian e-bike?

Range and Capacity?

Capacity of the battery is what determines the range of an electric bike. Thus, the calculation is simple: the higher the capacity, the greater the number of power-boosted miles. Based on the battery capacity, it is easy to compare bikes from various brands and choose the bike that suits your needs the most. Most brands specify battery range in kilometers, but a variety of factors, such as tyre pressure, steep roads, weight on the bike, and speed, will affect the performance. Usually, bikes with an LCD display will show an updated range on the go. The capacity of the battery is usually calculated by watt hours, which is the voltage of the battery multiplied by the amp hours of the battery.


Mid Drive or Hub Drive Motor?

Electric bikes are vividly designed for different purposes and needs. You must actually decide on what features are most important to you. Just like for comfort, a step-through frame could be the best. For climbing hills, perhaps a mid-motor system or high torque hub motor may be the best. In case you enjoy long-distance rides, a powerful battery is more suited. There are commonly two types of motors used in e-bikes: mid-drive and hub-drive motors. Mid-drive motors are centrally located and transfer the power to the rear wheel via the bicycle's chain drive, while hub-drive is within the rear wheel hub and powers the bike's wheel directly. Hub-drive motors are less commonly found on the front wheel. The mid-drive motor is more sophisticated and used for high performance and torque compared to a traditional hub motor. Due to the fact that the mid-drive motor drives the crank, instead of the wheel like in the case of a hub motor, it multiplies its power and takes advantage of your e-bike's already existing gears. However, a mid-drive motor is also quite expensive. Consideration of your own personal needs will only help you choose the best electric bike with all the features you need.

Motor Power

The motor power is measured in Watts, and usually there are motors available in increments of 200 Watts, 250 Watts, 500 Watts, 700 Watts, and so on. The higher the watt power, the better the performance in terms of acceleration and speed. The legal limit allowed on public roads in Australia is 250 Watts. Two motors of the same power may not necessarily perform in the same way. Here, torque also comes into play. In short, torque defines the hill climbing power of the bike. Overall, an e-bike with more torque has more hill climbing power than a bike with less torque.

Step through frame or step over frame?

The frame is an important aspect of your bike, and contrary to traditional beliefs that a Step through frame is usually designed for women, that is not right. Step-through frames are completely comfortable and unisex, often used for utility bicycles. They are easy to mount or dismount and suitable for all age groups. However, they might be a bit heavier. A step-over frame is also commonly called the diamond frame, and it is pretty strong and stiff, which is why most bicycles are made with not just one, but two bars. The main frame and the rear triangle – those two back-to-back look kind of like a diamond, which is why it is called a diamond-style frame. The e-bike with this frame is usually lighter and stronger than a step-through frame.

External or Integrated Battery?

External batteries are usually cheaper than the integrated batteries and can also be purchased as spares from third-party suppliers. The integrated battery is a part of the bicycle frame and is hidden in the frame of your e-bike, which means that it is not really clear that it is an e-bike, resulting in lesser chances of theft. However, spare integrated batteries should only be bought from the bike manufacturer/supplier. Integrated battery designs are quite popular these days because of their stealthy design and their ability to look similar to a regular bicycle.

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Weight of the electric bike

With all the technology at play in an electric bike, it is easy to know that an e-bike weighs more than a regular bike. If an electric bike weighs lighter, perhaps it is because they are sacrificing range and power. However, with ever-improving battery technology, that will change in the future. If weight is an issue, you can always consider a smaller style of electric bike, and some models of electric bikes overcome this issue with a feature called "walk assist" mode. Walk assist mode supplies power to the e-bike at a minimum level, making it easier to walk along the bike.


Electric bikes are a revolutionary form of transportation. The quality of an electric bicycle is extremely crucial and critical, especially if you decide to use your electric bike daily. The quality, though, is easy to judge by checking the parts of the bicycle. However, the motor and battery should be thoroughly researched. Overall, your electric bike should also be set up and tuned properly.

Bike components and warranty

Purchasing any electric bike is as good of an investment, regardless of its price. The warranty of your E-bike is very important, so always buy your E-bike from a dealer who provides a standard warranty. This is why the service post-sale from your local bike dealer is important, as well as the warranty of the product you are buying.

Most of us believe that electric bikes often need regular expensive servicing as maintenance, but that is NOT true. An electric bike should be almost similar to a traditional bike and will usually need servicing of its mechanical parts. That’s a very important reason why the warranty of electric parts is highly essential. 

Are you comfortable?

Discomfort while riding your bike will reduce the usability factor of your bike. Bikes are used for different needs, from commuting to work, to shopping, or even recreational purposes, and so the bike you buy must provide you with the utmost comfort. So what exactly is the metric that plays a key role in your comfort? It is simple, the design of the bike and the saddle. Traditionally, a road bike or a mountain bike has the rider leaning forward quite a bit. Many people actually find a more upright riding style quite comfortable, as is found in cruiser bikes and a number of ‘commuter’ bikes. The only way to find out what suits your riding style is to try the bike. Perhaps small changes in bike geometry can also make a big difference to the feel of a bike.

You ride your electric bike without breaking a sweat and thus make commutation hassle-free. Your travel to or from work is easy, you preserve the environment, and in times like the Covid-19 pandemic, having your own electric bike means maintaining your own social distance. This trend has been observed globally this year. Stay safe, ride well, and make heads turn... 

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