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Electric Dirt Bikes, the coolest, the most adventurous

What is a dirt bike?

You must have heard the words "dirt bike," "off-road motorcycle," or "motocross" many times. You have seen them on TV, following exciting competitions full of crazy, fearless jumps and moves. But you must be wondering, "What is an electric dirt bike?" and "How is it any different from the dirt bikes we have seen so far?" 

Well, first of all, and most importantly, electric dirt bikes are clean and eco-friendly. They run silently on battery power, and you won’t see any fuel tank on them. But that does not make them any less cool than a regular dirt bike that runs on petrol. They can be even more sportive because when riding an electric version of a dirt bike, you need to pedal while getting assistance from the motor. Actually, that feature applies to all electric bike models and not just dirt bikes. 

So, technically, an electric dirt bike is a motorized off-road bicycle with an integrated electric motor to support pedaling. It is designed for use on rugged, bumpy terrains such as dirt roads and trails.

Does an electric dirt bike look different?

There is one word to describe the look of an electric dirt bike, and that word is "cool." It evokes adventure. The frame is mainly made of aluminium, as it needs to be lightweight for all the jumps and air tricks. Do not look for an exhaust pipe, obviously because it runs on battery. The handlebar is flat compared to electric street bikes; the reason is the design helps tight gripping and, of course, it works best in hard turns. The suspension is usually stronger as it has to absorb heavy shocks, and finally, the prominent strong tyres make the look even more dynamic. One thing for sure is that without even knowing about electric dirt bikes and by only looking at the image, you can simply guess what the bike is for, and that is thrill and excitement.

Are electric dirt bikes street legal in Australia?

Sometimes, you might want to enjoy a ride on city streets and not on dirt trails. That is what you need to consider before deciding on a specific bike model. There are some electric bike models that have to be taken only off-road, while others are street legal. However, this rule might differ from country to country and state to state. Yet, remember that street-legal bikes normally should have specific features such as frame structure, tyres, lights, mirrors, switches, etc.

Assuming that your bike's speed range is within limits, what makes it OK to run in the city is the fact that it works on battery power. Compared to a non-electric dirt bike, it is clean and environmentally friendly. There are no emissions for which you would have to equip your bike with a spark arrestor to obtain a permit to ride on city streets.

But apart from that, most importantly, what makes an electric dirt bike legal or illegal is the motor power and the maximum speed that it supports. Make sure the bike you are choosing has a maximum speed of 25 km/h and a power of 250W (also known as an "electrically assisted pedal cycle" or EAPC or Pedelec). Of course, you can go faster than that if you want, but the motor assistance on your bike must turn off once you reach the speed limit. 

However, it is very unlikely that you can find a dirt bike with those features. Technically, dirt bikes are designed to support at least 70 km/h, and some models can even go as fast as 110 km/h, with a motor power that ranges between 4-5k and 10-11k. With these features, obviously, you and your dirt bike will not be allowed on city streets, and cross-country trails would be your only option.


Can I ride an electric bike without a licence?

As long as your country and state laws do not classify your electric dirt bike as "motorized," you will not need a licence to ride it. You can still ride it even if you are not a driver or if your driving licence has been suspended. 

In fact, if you are banned from driving or riding motorbikes for any reason, these bikes are the best alternative for you as they do not require registration, a licence, or insurance. 

So, in short, neither a licence nor insurance is needed. However, if you do choose to insure your bike, you can ensure that both you and your bike are protected.

How fast can I go on my electric dirt bike?

You can ride your electric dirt bike as fast as around 100 km/h, provided that you are a professional rider and have full control and balance on your bike. Just keep in mind that depending on your bike model, the motor might stop assisting you at a specific maximum speed. But don't sweat it; as long as you can pedal, the sky's the limit. 

grayscale photo of dirt bike racing

Actually, what makes dirt jumping thrilling is primarily the speed factor. However, it is advised that you only try speed riding off-road or in a controlled space where there is no potential risk.

What’s a perfect electric dirt bike like?

A perfect dirt bike should be able to withstand rough, uneven, and bumpy tracks. If it doesn't, then there is no point in calling it a "dirt bike" and taking it off-road.

Bike Parts

Firstly, the bike should be equipped with quality parts that can be relied upon on tough terrains. 

Battery range matters. The reason is obvious. As a dirt bike rider, you will most probably set out on some adventurous rides out of town. In that case, nobody likes the idea of having to recharge the bike battery every 10 km. A perfect off-road bike battery should be able to support at least 80 kilometres before it needs recharging. So, when choosing the perfect dirt bike for yourself, watch out for the battery range. For instance, a bike with a battery range of 100 km can be the best fit and good enough to enjoy adventure and adrenaline for long hours.


Picture it. You go to Ride Park off-road race track in Victoria, Australia, to enjoy a day of dirt bike riding on the dirt tracks and hills. You start riding on the track before you see packs in front of you to do your first dirt jump. You take off on the lip, feel a moment of excitement in the air, and the moment you land… you and your bike both get the biggest shock of the worst dirt jump ever. You might wonder at that moment what went wrong. Actually, it is most probably the suspension settings. Whether you are doing dirt jumping or simply riding on a bumpy rocky track, the suspension is the part of your bike that can either make your day or turn everything into a painful experience. So, we strongly advise you to make sure of the suspension before you buy a dirt bike.

There is a lot more to consider when it comes to choosing the perfect electric dirt bike, such as high speed of around 75 km/h, strong sturdy wheels and tyres, reliable brakes, the type of electric motor assisting you, bike weight (light enough to allow you to easily throw the bike around on the trails), and any other features that may suit your taste and expectations. 

So let’s define a perfect electric dirt bike – though each rider might define the word "perfect" differently and consider it a matter of taste, there are some features that have got to be found on an electric dirt bike. So, generally, a perfect e-dirt bike is the one covering high speed and long battery range, the one with the sturdy powerful wheels and tyres, light enough to be carried and lifted up and down on bumpy trails, a suspension strong enough to support swift jumps and falls, and of course, an affordable price, which might be among the most important factors for most buyers.


Best Electric Dirt Bike in Australia

Now, if you are in Australia and you are planning on buying an electric dirt bike, you might want to know about the most popular and best-selling electric dirt bikes available here. To make it easy, we have listed the top three for you to compare and decide. But remember that each brand is focusing on specific features. We cannot say which one is the best e dirt bike, so you are the one to decide which of these dirt bikes can make your adventure plans come true. 

While looking for an electric motocross bike for sale in Australia, use the guide here to make the best decision. 

Once checking this piece of comparison, you can also find the answers to your questions on how much an electric dirt bike costs, how long it can last before it needs recharging, what is the fastest e dirt bike in Australia, and a few more questions. 


This popular brand offers the Sur-Ron Light Bee X electric dirt bike, which is lighter in weight and more affordable than the other two rival models. Most riders would agree that the dynamic design of the Light Bee strikes them as a non-electric dirt bike or motocross, evoking a spark for an off-road adventure ride. The short wheelbase design of this bike makes it super easy to ride on off-road tracks like dirt paths and bumpy tracks, and the large size disc brake gives a strong braking performance, which is a must while riding off the road. Another reason why the bike is popular is that, despite the lower price, it definitely lives up to expectations in terms of performance and quality for an electric motocross. The range that the battery covers in this model is almost the same as the Stealth B-52, but a bit longer than the Cake Kalk OR, which are both assessed below.


This is an Australian dirt e-bike for sale that is based on creativity and innovation. It offers a range of off-road electric bikes, one of which is the Stealth B-52 Bomber. The brand is focused on design and high performance for an off-road experience. The Stealth B-52 is relatively more expensive and heavier than the Sur-Ron Light Bee X, while it is cheaper and lighter than the Cake Kalk OR. However, you can see that the speed is also in between.


The famous brand, Cake, offers the Cake Kalk OR dirt bike model, which is quite more expensive than the other two rival bikes. Cake Kalk riders would usually agree that the bike feels both bigger and heavier compared to Sur-Ron and Stealth. It is a perfect choice for those riders who like it weighty and big. It also has a longer wheelbase. The torque and suspension in this bike model are said to be promising. It also has three riding modes, and the brand claims that the electric trail bike makes the most technical trails a cakewalk. The price of this bike is around $13,000, which is about twice as expensive as the rival bike, the Sur-Ron light bee. So if you are aiming for cheap electric dirt bikes, Cake Kalk is not the one for you.

All three names above have fast charging within around 3 hours and acceptable battery ranges. However, we cannot say that prices are almost in the same range, as you can find both one of the most affordable and one of the costliest electric dirt bikes in Australia in this table. 

Here is the table featuring these three exotic brands for your off-road adventure:

Sur-Ron LBX

Range: 100 km

Weight: 50 kg

Speed: 75 km/h

Recharge: 3 hours

Stealth B-52

Range: 100 km

Weight: 64 kg

Speed: 80 km/h 

Recharge: 3 hours

Cake Kalk OR

Range: 85 km

Weight: 68 kg

Speed: 90 km/h 

Recharge: 2.5 hours

This was a comparison of the electric dirt bikes from three popular names, and all three are designed to be ridden in cross-country conditions such as dirt trails, motocross tracks, and even more open areas like deserts. Among these three, Stealth and Sur-Ron have the longest range. Though they are not street-legal, the good part is that you do not need a license to ride them off-road.

So, using the information above, you can stay up-to-date on the best e-bike products available in Australia. But at the end of the day, it is up to you to decide which electric dirt bicycle is the best for you.

Can I get on Motocross tracks with my electric dirt bike?

You must be thinking: "I am an electric bike rider, so I should not have to be around all the noise and pollution." That's fair. It would be great to ride on an all-electric motocross track, but until one is made, you can use the trails that are normally shared by both electric and non-electric dirt bike riders. In fact, there are some awesome motocross trails in Australia where you can freely enjoy your dirt ride.​

Where in Australia can I go dirt bike riding?

There are amazing man-made tracks in Australia, all built perfectly in natural terrain. The tracks hold all kinds of obstacles, and they are designed in such a way as to feel handy even at the highest speed. Below, you can see five of the most popular dirt-bike riding trails, each in a different state of Australia. Once you try these trails, you will see that jumps, landings, turns, and all kinds of tricks feel like such a thrill that they can turn any starter into a professional electric motocross rider.

Here are the top five dirt-bike riding trails in Australia:

1.  Ride Park, Victoria

This is a great place that pops up in front of you in the middle of nowhere. It is set up with great facilities and various tracks that suit any level of riding, from Pre Wee to Full Advanced. Most riders are happy with the staff there, and they find it affordable too.

2.  Louee Enduro and Motocross Complex,  New South Wales

This one is one of the most popular trails as it is located in Wollemi National Park and is the closest one to Sydney. Riders have mostly found the place well-managed, and even in rainy weather conditions, you can find the tracks well-maintained and rideable. The variety of tracks makes it a good choice for riders of all ages. If you are excited to do jumps on some serious steep hills, this is the place for you.

3.  West Moto Park, Western Australia

Located on Begley Road in WA, West Moto Park is the place where you can find all kinds of jumps, from small to medium, and a staff that is ready to help you wherever it is needed. As a starter, you can easily get on open, wide tracks where you will not have to worry about hitting trees or any obstacles. The variety of tracks that curve around the farms and through bushes makes West Moto the perfect place for riders who want to experience it all and end the day riding like a pro.

4.  Motocross Mountain, Queensland

The place is located right in the depths of Palms Road in Queensland. The trail has a very safe design, but that does not make it any less suitable for professional riders. There are absolutely some great tabletops to keep advanced riders motivated. Among motocross trails in Australia, this one is one of the well-designed places that you shouldn’t miss.

5.  ACUSA Park, South Australia

For those adrenaline seekers in South Australia, Acusa Park is the place to be on Snake Gully Rd. Riders who visit the place once usually go back again and again as the trail feels safe and adventurous at the same time. This is one of the very few places in South Australia where you are allowed to enjoy your dirt bike riding freely.


Is an electric dirt bike worth buying?

If you ask an experienced dirt bike rider what they like about their electric ride, they will each give you different answers. But one thing that is guaranteed is that buying an electric dirt bike can definitely be a big win for you (provided that you choose the one ride that fits your taste the best). 

Electric dirt bikes come with many obvious upsides, each of which can be considered a determining factor. Read on to see what advantages these electric rides have over their non-electric counterparts. 

Physical health – Unlike what the name power-assisted bike may suggest to you, with an electric bike, you can be just as sportive as when you are on a normal road bike. Not only can you be equally active, but there is even an advantage in that. You will not feel as tired and worn out as you usually do on a non-electric bike. So, the upside is that you can burn as many calories without feeling deadbeat! 

Now, there is a reason for that. The thing is, while riding an electric bike, you can slow down on pedaling and get more assistance from the motor whenever you want to rest your legs, and you can get back to pedaling once you feel refreshed. That way, you can continue cycling for hours without burning out. 

Noise – This one is an advantage of electric bikes over motorbikes, especially for those who want to ride electric bikes in cities and not off-road. They can be very sure that the noise is almost nothing compared to motorbikes, and of course, neighbors will be much happier about that! 

One thing that makes electric bikes popular with most people is that they are easier to ride. It’s the same exercise with less effort. Some of us might have always found it difficult to get out in nature on a normal non-electric bike, while we are still interested in doing so. Electric bikes definitely make it possible for us to experience adventure and enjoy nature even more.

There are a lot more compelling reasons why an electric bike can be perfect for your daily life around the city and off-road. They are environmentally clean, and there is no emission, so you can go around without feeling bad about polluting the air.

a dirt bike parked inside of a garage

For dirt bikes, sidewalks are off-limits!

These bikes are absolutely not allowed. Not because they are dirt bikes, but no electric bike is allowed on sidewalks unless you are sure it is a shared path for pedestrians and bikes, which is very unlikely anyway. Especially riding a dirt bike on the sidewalk can even double the risk of accidents, damage, or injury as they are relatively more powerful and heavier than other electric bike models. So be safe and stay away from walking people!​

Can I add an electric start to my dirt bike?

It is totally doable to install an electric starter on your dirt bike. Actually, it is popular to do so among dirt bike riders. One good reason is that you won't have to deal with the stalling problem in your bike in difficult, messy conditions of a dirt track. Obviously, it would be way handier and faster for you to skip the kick-start and get your bike back on track by using a switch only. ​

Electric dirt bike for children

If you are going to supervise your child riding his/her dirt bike out on trails, nobody can stop you from doing so. Just make sure you choose the perfect bike size for them to be comfortable and have full control. 

But the thing is, even if your child is fully capable of riding and controlling an electric dirt bike, they won't be allowed on city streets. Not just because it is a dirt bike, but also because riders should be at least 16 years old to be allowed to ride in cities in every state of Australia, whether it is a dirt bike, vintage, or any other electric bike model.


Riding an electric dirt bike in rain

You must consider it an advantage in non-electric bikes that they can run in wet conditions. Well, that is NOT true. You can absolutely ride an electric dirt bike in the rain. The only thing is that it is not waterproof. But when it comes to water-resistance, we can assure you that your bike will definitely keep you company in rain, mud, or even snow. 

Always remember that your bike must not be submerged in water or any other liquid and try to dry your bike, especially the electric components, after the ride. That way, you will let your bike live longer and prevent rust or any other damage. But overall, it can be said that dirt bikes might need more regular maintenance than other electric bike models as they are usually ridden on messy roads and tracks. At some point, you might stop worrying about the dirt and mud on your bike wheels and chain. That is OK. But try not to leave your bike unclean for too long and give your bike a nice clean up once in a while to let it live longer without trouble.

Electric Dirt Bike, clean adventure!

Finally, remember that you don't have to be an expert to enjoy the thrill and excitement of electric dirt bikes. All you need is a desire to have fun! You can purchase an affordable electric trail bike in Australia. Even a 1000w electric dirt bike can be found, and you won't run into problems with law enforcement as long as you operate your machine responsibly. In fact, Australia has plenty of places for you to enjoy your new toy, some of which were mentioned in this article. Just make sure that you practice safety and wear a full set of protective gear, the same way that you would on a gas moped or motorcycle.​

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