How to Maximize the Battery Life of Your Electric Bike?

27 April 2023 by
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Full Charge and charging it overnight

If you charge the battery to a full 100%, it is ideal that you use your e-bike and that the capacity doesn't remain full while your electric bicycle is idle. The charging time of the battery is ideally 7-8 hours on average, so once it is completely charged, you can hit the road.

Charge the battery whenever possible

When any opportunity to charge the battery presents itself, grab it and charge your e-bike battery. You can remove your battery and take it with you to charge wherever you can and plug it to charge while you get through other things.

Extra battery or more batteries 

Maintaining a spare battery for your e-bike may not only come in handy during the day for a longer range, but it will also help you prolong the endurance of each of your battery's life. If your e-bike has removable batteries, then you have an easy task of juggling your batteries and keeping them in good health as well. 

Do not let your E-bike battery run low on charge 

Maintaining the charge level of your battery is very important for overall performance, so you must never let it run lower than 20% charge. Each time the battery level drops to 0%, it affects and decreases the maximum battery life. If you use your e-bike frequently, you will need to be very careful about maintaining the daily battery charge above 20%. In other words, removable batteries will help you to do this.

Don’t blow a fuse!

One of the critical factors with e-bike batteries and their chargers is making sure you plug and unplug your charger correctly. You don’t want power in the charging brick when you’re plugging in or unplugging. Thus, turn off the power supply first and then plug in or unplug your battery. Doing this incorrectly could result in a broken charger, leaving you without a working e-bike until you can get yourself a new charger.

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Use original battery charger

Using the supplied battery charger to charge the battery of your e-bike is a must because it may otherwise reduce the battery life significantly. It is always advised to do so and if you plan to embark on a longer range, you must always carry the original battery charger with you in case you need a quick top up charge for your electric bike.

Avoid extreme temperatures

Your electric bike battery feels the same as you do in different weather conditions. Thus, moderate temperatures suit your electric bike battery the best. It is advised to avoid extreme temperatures in usage, charging, and storing the battery to prolong its lifespan. During the charging cycle, the battery should be in a warmer environment than freezing temperatures, but not hotter than 42 degrees Celsius at the extreme. However, it is still not advised, and you should keep it between 15 and 22 degrees Celsius.

To summarize effectively, keep your battery happy and your wallet happier. Do NOT charge your battery too much or discharge it too much. Always maintain the charge between 80% and 20%. Also, if you are storing your battery, keep it at a 60% charge in a moisture-free and cool storage capacity. And of course, do not push your battery too hard if you want it to last!

Following the above advice will ensure that you will be able to ride your original battery for years to come.

Ride on!

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