How to Protect Your Electric Bike From Theft

25 April 2023 by
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The sale and use of electric bikes are growing at a rapid rate all around the world, especially in Europe. These modern bikes are popular with people who wouldn't otherwise go for conventional cycling. Plus, many people prefer to commute by car to save time and e-bikes can be suitable substitutes. 

The price, battery life, and weight are important factors for a buyer, but there is still limited understanding of electric bike protection. Here, we investigate some theft protection issues e-bike owners face and provide some solutions.  

E-bike, as one of the most popular means of transportation, is an everyday sight on bicycle lanes these days. But the question is, how much should you invest in a decent lock? Is it worth it? The answer is quite simple. Pay a percentage of the bike's cost for a lock. This is the very first thing you can do to protect it from theft. Remember not to lock a bike with chains, folding locks, or cables, as they can be easily defeated by simple hand tools. The most basic and secure way is to use U-locks or D-locks, and make sure to lock the front wheel as well. With the right lock, you will feel safer because you have spent a lot of money and would like to keep your bike for a long time. However, sometimes nothing can stop a thief, even the best lock ever made. So let's explore other ways to keep our special bike safe and sound.

GPS trackers are good options for attaching to bikes, and with the applications, the owner can trace the bike and alert the police. However, the drawback of GPS trackers is that the police usually don't spend much time looking for your e-bike.

So far, two necessary ways of theft protection have been introduced, neither of which can be enough, and even both at the same time cannot make you feel relieved. Here is where insurance matters, something that can not only protect it from theft but also keep it safe from accidental damage. You should find the best e-bike insurance you need because these bikes are expensive to buy, and without the right insurance, you may have to pay a lot to repair damage or raise money to buy another one after a theft. 

However, even the best insurance policies will not cover everything. One of the exclusions is theft where you have not taken appropriate action to secure your bike properly, and most insurers accept a claim only when the bike has been protected using an approved lock.

To be honest and to tell the truth, your bike is still in danger, and hungry eyes are set on your lovely bike. In a word, just don’t leave your bike somewhere not visible, take extra precautions, and don’t forget you are the owner of an expensive bike. So, even at home or in your garage, lock it up. 

The most frequent and secure ways have been introduced and we hope you enjoy riding your electric bikes and keep them safe for years.

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