Electric Cruiser Bikes: Your Ticket to a Stylish, Comfortable Ride

Cruiser E bike

Welcome to the world of electric cruiser bikes! At DiroDi, we offer an amazing selection of beach cruiser electric bikes, ebike cruisers, and electric fat wheel bikes to suit your riding needs. Our electric bikes are designed for a comfortable ride, so you can enjoy cruising around town, zipping through beach sand, and tackling hills with ease.

What Makes Our Electric Cruiser Bike Range Awesome?

We pride ourselves on offering awesome bikes that combine style, comfort, and performance. Our electric cruiser bikes feature sleek designs, powerful motors, high torque, and fat tyres for a truly enjoyable ride.

Unleash the Power of Electric Fat Wheel Bikes

Our electric fat wheel bikes can handle sand, dirt, grass, and even minor issues like a pro. With their wide, fat tyres, these bikes provide excellent traction and a super easy, smooth ride on various terrains.

Beach Cruisers: The Ultimate Beach Adventure

A beach cruiser electric bike is perfect for leisurely rides along the beach, boardwalk, or through Byron Bay. With their comfortable seating and classic style, you’ll look cool while staying cool.

eBike Cruisers: Convenience and Comfort

Our ebike cruisers offer the perfect blend of style and functionality, making them an ideal choice for anyone seeking a comfortable, eco-friendly mode of transportation.

High-Quality eBike Batteries for Long Rides

Our electric bikes are equipped with top-notch eBike batteries that ensure you have enough power to conquer hills and long rides. Plus, our quick-release battery feature allows for easy charging and battery swaps.

Electric Bike Accessories and Add-Ons

Customise your electric bike with our range of accessories, including lights, suspension, and more. Personalise your ride and make it truly yours!

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Pre-Order and Zippay Options

Want to secure your dream electric bike before it’s in stock? Pre-order your bike and pay using ZipPay, a flexible payment option that lets you ride now and pay later.

DiroDi Vivo Cruiser: Your Ultimate All-Terrain Fat Tire Electric Bike

Introducing the DiroDi Vivo Cruiser, a versatile electric cruiser bike designed to take you on limitless adventures. Whether you’re heading to a café or exploring the great outdoors, the Vivo Cruiser’s all-terrain capabilities promise a comfortable ride in any situation, satisfying your wanderlust and desire for freedom.

Vivo Cruiser Electric Bike Features Overview

Powerful Motor for Effortless Rides

The Vivo Cruiser is equipped with a high-powered 750W motor that eliminates the struggles of riding a conventional bike. Conquer hills with ease, as this electric bike effortlessly tackles inclines for breakfast, lunch, and dinner – say goodbye to sweaty rides!

Long-Lasting Battery for Extended Range

No more range anxiety! The Vivo Cruiser boasts a large, easily removable 52V 15Ah battery with a range of up to 90 km. An integrated battery lock ensures added security against theft. The higher voltage provides more power at your fingertips and minimises performance drops, commonly known as battery sag, when the battery level drops below 100%.

7-Level Pedal Assist for Customised Riding Experience

With 7-level pedal assist, you can adjust the speed and acceleration of your ride according to your preferences. The electric power-assistant kicks in when you pedal and automatically shuts off when you stop pedalling or apply the brake.

Throttle for Effortless Starts

The Vivo Cruiser’s throttle allows the bike to start moving with minimal effort from you, including a push button that disables it from a standstill. The throttle can also be unlocked for off-road use.

Full-Color LCD Display for Real-Time Monitoring

Keep track of your riding conditions in real time with the full-colour LCD display, showing your speed, total distance travelled, current speed setting, and battery information. The integrated USB charging port helps you keep your phone charged during long rides.

26″x4″ Kenda Tires: Non-Slip and Puncture-Resistant

The 26″x4″ Kenda non-slip puncture-resistant tires provide optimal grip and traction, ensuring a confident and enjoyable ride across various terrains.

Tektro Aries MD-M300 Mechanical Disc Brakes for Reliable Stopping Power

Experience ample stopping power with the front and rear 180mm single-action mechanical disc brakes, even in the harshest conditions. The super-sensitive brakes make stopping on steep slopes a breeze.

Shimano 7-Speed Gear Shift System for Smooth Transitions

Whether you’re going uphill, downhill, or cruising on flat terrain, the Shimano 7-speed gear system ensures you never have to pedal too hard.

Integrated Lights for Night-Time Safety

Fear the dark no more! The Vivo Cruiser comes with integrated front and rear lights, offering peace of mind when the sun starts to set.

Rear Rack for Added Convenience

Carry up to 15kg on the rear rack, eliminating the need for a backpack to transport groceries or your daypack during weekend rides.

Our Team Is Here to Help

Got questions? Our knowledgeable team is here to assist you with any inquiries you may have. Contact us today and let us help you find the perfect electric cruiser bike for your next adventure.

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Rover Black

Rover’s design has been inspired by vintage motorbikes. This version unitises a heavy duty and super reliable 250W motor and a 36V 13AH battery, which gives you up to 70 km of range. Rover is a 2 person bike and can carry up to 150 kg of load.




36V, 13AH



DiroDi Classimo Black Electric Bike

Classimo design is inspired by Dutch bikes. The design is clean, minimal and practical. Classimo has as a rear basket and front suspension forks, which make your ride more comfortable. In the second generation of Classimo, the tyres have been upgraded to Schwable puncture resistant tyres. Classimo has a 36V, 10.4 battery, which gives you up to 60 km of range.

36V, 104.AH

Electric Cruiser Bike - Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Electric fat bikes offer a comfortable, versatile ride on various terrains, making them a great investment for outdoor enthusiasts and casual riders alike.

Fat tire bikes provide better traction and stability on a variety of surfaces, including sand, dirt, and grass. Their wide tyres also offer a smoother, more comfortable ride.