DiroDi Rover Gen 5 (V)




DiroDi Rover Gen 5 (V)


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2,970.00 3,890.00

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  • Battery A/H
  • Battery Description
  • Battery Voltage (V)
  • Battery W/H
  • Charging Time (Hour)
  • Max Range (KM)
  • Average Range (KM)
  • Battery Weight (KG)
  • Charger Model
  • Removable Battery
  • Throttle Range (KM)
  • Battery Cell Brand
  • Battery Cell Type
  • Colour
  • Road Legal
  • Road Legality Note
  • Waterproof Rating
  • Sitting Position
  • Grips Model
  • Handlebars Type
  • Saddle Model
  • Front Basket
  • Bell
  • Bottle Holder
  • Front Carrier
  • Front Light
  • Mudguards
  • Other
  • Rear Basket
  • Rear Light
  • Rear Rack
  • USB Charger
  • Wheel Lock
  • Brake Brand / Model
  • Brake Cut off Sensor
  • Brake Pads Model/Material
  • Rotor Size (MM)
  • Cassette Tooth
  • Chain Model
  • Chainring Model
  • Chainring Tooth Count
  • Derailleur Model
  • Number of gears
  • Suspension Type
  • Suspension Compression Adjustment
  • Suspension
  • Suspension Model
  • Suspension Travel (CM)
  • Throttle
  • Throttle Type
  • Default Throttle Max Speed (KM/H)
  • Throttle Max Unlocked Speed - For offroad Use (KM/H)
  • Tyre Size (Inch)
  • Tyre Brand / Model
  • Tyre Width (Inch)
  • Tyre Colour
  • Frame Size (Inch)
  • Max Load (KG)
  • Frame Material
  • Min Rider's Height (Depreciated)
  • Rider Max Height (CM)
  • Motor Brand / Model
  • Motor Power (W)
  • Max Unlocked Speed - For Offroad Use (KM/H)
  • Default Maximum Speed (KM/H)
  • Motor Type
  • Torque (NM)
  • Axle to axle length (CM)
  • Handlebars Width (CM)
  • Total length (CM)
  • Bike Weight (KG)
  • Adjustable Handlebars Angle
  • Adjustable Seat Height
  • Box Gross Weight (KG)
  • Maximum Handlebars Height (CM)
  • Maximum Seat Height (CM)
  • Minimum Handlebars Height (CM)
  • Minimum Seat Height (CM)
  • Standover Height (CM)
  • Packaging Dimensions (CM) | L x W x D
  • Front Wheel Mount Type
  • Rear Wheel Mount Type

This combination does not exist.

The 250W (500W for NSW) motor is road legal and doesn't require a licence or registration. The 1000W motor is for off-road (private property) use only.

DiroDi Rover Gen 5, the latest generation, features significant upgrades, including a 52V system for more power, a 52V 20AH Samsung battery with 40% more range, and an upgraded front light with four modes, including yellow fog light mode. The bike offers two motor options: 250W (500W) and 1000W (replacing the previous 750W). It comes with a colorful display, an integrated rear rack with a 50 kg max load, an optional 52V 20A second battery, and various accessories, including a rear basket (included), an optional front basket, and a centered storage box.

Super Powerful Motor!

Powerful 250W and 1000W motor options with excellent hill-climbing power. The 1000W motor's custom controller lets you switch between 1000W, 500W, and 250W.

250W & 1000W
60Nm (250W) | 70Nm (500w) | 95Nm (1000W)

25 Km/h (250W) | 25 Km /h (500W) |50 Km/h (1000W)

Motor Type
Brushless rear hub motor

Extended Range Battery!

DiroDi Rover Plus Gen 5 comes with upgraded 52V, 20AH Samsung battery which comes with the latest 21700 Cell Technology. 52V, compared to 48V systems, provides more torque (hill climbing power).  Rover stands out as one of the few bikes on the market equipped with a 52V battery instead of the standard 48V systems. Have you ever experienced performance degradation as the battery drains? This phenomenon, known as battery sag, happens when the voltage decreases as the battery level falls below 40%. However, 52V e-bikes significantly mitigate this issue.

Max range of 120 KM
Recharge Cycles
500-1000 Cycles
Battery Life

2 - 4 Years

Dual Battery
Up to 240 KM Range

Integrated Rack!

The rear rack is integrated into the frame, which increases the max load of the rear rack from the standard 7-15 kg to 50 kg. Four new accessory mounting points are added to each side of the frame at the rear.

Loading Capacity
Max Load of 50 kg
Mounting Points
13 Mounting Points
Child Seat 

Support Child Seats

Height Extender
For bulky cargo
Extended Range 
Enhance your ride with our curated accessories: Front rack, basket & child seat for convenience, helmet for safety, dual battery & console storage for ultimate utility.

Other Features



Battery A/H 20
Battery Description Lithium Battery
Battery Voltage (V) 52
Battery W/H 1040
Charging Time (Hour) 10
Max Range (KM) 125
Average Range (KM) 80
Battery Weight (KG) 5
Charger Model 52V with ST Charger Custom Charging Port
Removable Battery Yes
Throttle Range (KM) 35
Battery Cell Brand Samsung
Battery Cell Type 21700
General Specifications
Colour Black or Matte Blue or Matte Grey
Road Legal Yes (250W) | No (1000W)
Road Legality Note 250W is road legal given the throttle is not unlocked and the max speed hasn't increased from the default 25km/h. 250W can be unlocked to 500W for NSW customers only and will remain road legal. 1000W is for on off-road or on private property use only
Waterproof Rating IP54
Sitting Position Upright
Grips Model Velo Leather Grips (Black)
Handlebars Type Riser
Saddle Model Custom 60CM Long 2-Person Seat
Front Basket Optional
Bell Yes
Bottle Holder Yes
Front Carrier Optional
Front Light Yes (Integrated)
Mudguards Yes
Other Rear Passenger Footrests, Centre Storage Box (optonal), Height Extender (optional)
Rear Basket Yes
Rear Light Yes (Integrated)
Rear Rack Yes (Integrated)
USB Charger Yes
Wheel Lock No
Brake Brand / Model Tektro HD-E3520 (Hydraulic)
Brake Cut off Sensor Yes
Brake Pads Model/Material E10.11/Compound
Rotor Size (MM) 180
Cassette Tooth 14 - 34
Chain Model KMC Z7RB with Anti-Rust Coating
Chainring Model Prowheel Double-Wall Chainring
Chainring Tooth Count 48
Derailleur Model Shimano Tourney
Number of gears 7
Suspension Type N/A
Suspension Compression Adjustment N/A
Suspension No
Suspension Model N/A
Suspension Travel (CM) N/A
Throttle Yes
Throttle Type Twist
Default Throttle Max Speed (KM/H) 6
Throttle Max Unlocked Speed - For offroad Use (KM/H) 35 (250W) | 40 (500W) | 50 (1000W)
Tyre Size (Inch) 20
Tyre Brand / Model CST Scout Puncture Resistant Tyres
Tyre Width (Inch) 4
Tyre Colour Black
Frame Step-Over or Step-Thru
Frame Size (Inch) 20
Max Load (KG) 150
Frame Material Aluminium Alloy 6061
Rider Height Guide
Min Rider's Height (Depreciated) 160 (5' 3")
Rider Max Height (CM) 190 (6′ 3″)
Motor Power (W) 250W/500W or 1000W
Motor Brand / Model Shengyi Rear Hub Motor
Max Unlocked Speed - For Offroad Use (KM/H) 35 (250W) | 40 (500W) | 50 (1000W)
Default Maximum Speed (KM/H) 25
Motor Type Brushless Geared Rear Hub Motor
Torque (NM) 60 (250W) | 70 (500W) | 95 (1000W)
Bike Geometry
Axle to axle length (CM) 120
Handlebars Width (CM) 60
Total length (CM) 180
Bike Weight (KG) 34
Adjustable Handlebars Angle Yes
Adjustable Seat Height No
Box Gross Weight (KG) 46
Maximum Handlebars Height (CM) 113
Maximum Seat Height (CM) 83
Minimum Handlebars Height (CM) 113
Minimum Seat Height (CM) 83
Standover Height (CM) 30 (Step-Through Frame), 80 (Step-Over Frame)
Packaging Specifications
Packaging Dimensions (CM) | L x W x D 164 x 32 x 98
Front Wheel Mount Type Thru-Axle
Rear Wheel Mount Type Nuts
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