DiroDi Trooper M800 Electric Scooter



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DiroDi Kaiser X3600 Electric Scooter
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DiroDi Trooper M600 Electric Scooter

DiroDi Trooper M800 Electric Scooter


DiroDi Trooper M800 features a powerful 800W brushless motor which makes it able to reach 50 km/h speed and climb 20-degree slopes. The hydraulic shock absorption and hydraulic brakes make it perfect for frequent rides.

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1,990.00 2,300.00

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  • Battery A/H
  • Battery Description
  • Battery Voltage (V)
  • Battery W/H
  • Charging Time (Hour)
  • Max Range (KM)
  • Removable Battery
  • Road Legal
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  • Net Weight (kg)
  • Foldable
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Powerful 800W Motor

Dirodi Trooper M800 features a powerful 800W brushless motor, which allows it to reach a maximum speed of 50 km/h. Dirodi Trooper M800 has a range of 60 km and can climb slopes up to 20 degrees.

60 km
20 Degrees

Max slope

Motor Power
50 km/h
Max speed

Front & Rear Hydraulic Brakes

Dirodi Trooper M800 is equipped with front and rear hydraulic brakes. These highly sensitive brakes offer fantastic performance in terms of power, precision, and modulation, making the Trooper M800 a fantastic choice for frequent rides, giving you the confidence to reach high speeds and stop whenever you want.

Quick & Safe
Ride with confidence and stop whenever you want
Dual Brakes 

Front and rear brakes

Cooling Down
Thorough heat dissipation
Hydraulic Brakes
More efficient and longer lasting

Lightweight & Foldable

Dirodi Trooper M800 has a very easy and quick folding process. With a weight of 28.5 kg, it only needs to be lifted, pulled, pressed, and folded quickly, making it convenient for you to carry the Trooper M800 in your car.

Light Weight
Easy to carry
Take it Anywhere 

Carry it in your car

Folding Lock
Keeping you safe while riding​
Easy to Fold
Quick folding process​

Front & Rear

Hydraulic Shock Absorption

Trooper M800 is equipped with a front and rear hydraulic shock absorption system that perfectly absorbs the tension from challenging terrains. It is designed to provide you with a firmer ride and a responsive reaction system for rougher terrains. 

Hydraulic Suspension
Front & rear shock absorption
Firm Ride 
Responsive reaction system
Great Stability
Hard braking, acceleration and cornering
Off-road Adventure
Perfect for riding rough terrains

High Capacity

Lithium Battery

Dirodi Trooper M800 comes with a high-capacity lithium-ion battery that provides a continuous high-rate current output and can be fully charged in 7-8 hours throughout the night to be ready for the next day.

48V, 17.5Ah
Continuous high-rate current output
Intelligent Control 

Energy saving BMS algorithm

18650 lithium-ion battery
Full recharge overnight



Dirodi Trooper M600's digital display allows you to monitor the e-scooter's performance status in real-time at a glance, enabling you to control your e-scooter riding experience perfectly.

Monitor Signs
Brake, turn, headlamp, etc.
​Error Codes 

Display different error codes

Performance Overview
Speed, gear, mileage, etc.
Power and Battery
Monitor power and battery status

Frequently Asked Questions

Battery A/H 17.5
Battery Description Lithium Battery
Battery Voltage (V) 48
Battery W/H 840
Charging Time (Hour) 7-8 Hrs
Max Range (KM) 60
Removable Battery Yes
General Specifications
Road Legal No
Road Legality Note For private property use only
Waterproof Rating IP54
Net Weight (kg) 28.5
Foldable Yes
Front Light Yes
Rear Light Yes
Brake Type Front and Rear Hydraulic Brakes
Number of gears 3
Suspension Type Front and Rear Hydraulic Suspension
Suspension Yes
Tyre Size (Inch) 10
Tyre Colour Black
Max Load (KG) 120
Motor Power (W) 800
Default Maximum Speed (KM/H) 50
Packaging Specifications
Packaging Dimensions (CM) | L x W x D 136 x 27 x 65