AMPEX  DP1500IL Portable Power Station and Home Backup



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AMPEX DP1500IL Portable Power Station and Home Backup

AMPEX DP1500iL is a powerful and efficient portable power station equipped with LiFePO4 battery technology. It has a capacity of 2048Wh, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor situations, and can provide sufficient power for most home appliances and heavy-duty tools rated under 1500W (3000W surge), making it an essential piece of equipment for any indoor emergency and outdoor activity.

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  • Battery Voltage (V)
  • Capacity (Wh)
  • Battery A/H
  • Cell Chemistry
  • Cycle Life to 80% Original Capacity
  • Shelf Life
  • Battery Management System (BMS)
  • Operating Usage Temperature
  • Storage Temperature
  • Charge Temperature
  • Colour
  • Dimensions (cm) | LxWxD
  • Net Weight (kg)
  • Display
  • Display Size
  • Display Type
  • Light Source
  • Wheels
  • Drawbar
  • UPS Function
  • Pass-through Charging
  • Dual Battery Support
  • Parallel Connection
  • AmpUp (Dynamic Voltage Output)
  • Warranty (months)
  • Certifications
  • AC Cable
  • PV Charging Cable
  • Car Charging Cable
  • Accessories Description
  • Box Gross Weight (KG)
  • Packaging Dimensions (CM) | L x W x D
  • Wi-Fi
  • 4G
  • Bluetooth
  • APP
  • APP Connection
  • AC Input Socket
  • Main AC Charging Method
  • AC Input (W)
  • AC Input Voltage
  • Car Port Input
  • Car Port Input (W)
  • Car Port Input Voltage
  • Car Port Input Current
  • Solar Input
  • Solar Input (W)
  • Solar Input Voltage
  • Solar Input Current
  • MPPT Solar Charge Controller
  • Max Input Combination
  • Max Combined Input (W)
  • Plug Type
  • Inverter Type
  • AC Output
  • AC Output (W)
  • AC Rated Output Voltage
  • Surge Power (W)
  • No. of AC Outputs
  • Car Outlet Output
  • Car Outlet Output (V,A)
  • No. of Car Outlet Outputs
  • RV Outlet Output
  • DC 5.5mm Outlet Output
  • DC 5.5mm Outlet Output (V/A)
  • No. of DC 5.5mm Outlet Outputs
  • USB-A Output
  • USB-A Output (W)
  • No. of USB-A Outputs
  • USB-C Output
  • USB-C Output (W)
  • USB-C Output (V)
  • No. of USB-C Outputs
  • Wireless Charging Pad
  • Total Output Ports
  • AC Recharge Time
  • Solar Recharge Time
  • Car Outlet Recharge Time
  • Fast Charging
  • Fastest Recharge Combination
  • Fastest Recharge Time

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FEATURES Overview!

Powerful and Portable Power Station 

AMPEX DP1500iL is a dependable solution for your power requirements. The integration of LiFePO4 technology and an exceptional wheel design offers a highly capable power source that you can easily move around. AMPEX is an essential equipment for outdoor adventures, RV living, construction sites, home emergencies, and outdoor events.

Lithium Battery
LiFePO4 battery technology
Wheel Design
Exceptional portability
Outdoor Companion

Essential equipment for outdoors

Home Emergencies

Backup  for power outages

Power Up Indoors & Outdoors

AMPEX DP1500iL can power any device with a maximum rating of 1500W, including smartphones, laptops, tablets, video projectors, fridges, air conditioners, power tools, camping equipment, and more. It provides simultaneous charging via AC, DC, USB, and Type-C outputs.

Power Any Device
Home devices and outdoor equipment​
Simultaneous Charging
AC, DC, USB and Type-C outputs
Up to 1,500W​

Power devices rated below 1,500W

Essential Companion
From home emergencies to outdoor adventures

Clean and Renewable Solar Energy

By charging your AMPEX DP1500iL portable power station with solar panels, not only do you have access to clean, free, and renewable energy, but you can also fully recharge the power station with a maximum solar input of 600W in just 4 hours. Solar charging also greatly helps save money on electrical bills. 

Solar Energy
Clean, free and renewable
Maximum solar input​
​4 Hours 

Full recharge with max solar input

More Affordable
Save money on electrical bills

LiFePO4 Battery Technology

LiFePO4 battery technology provides higher charging and discharging efficiency compared to Ni-MH and Ni-cd batteries. It is more powerful with higher capacity compared to ordinary batteries such as lead-acid batteries. AMPEX LiFePO4 batteries provide greater cycle life and very reliable safety performance.

Higher Efficiency
Compared to Ni-MH and Ni-cd batteries
Higher Capacity
Compared to lead-acid batteries
Greater Cycle Life

Compared to ordinary batteries

Safe and Reliable
The safest type of lithium battery

Exceptional Portability and Smart Control 

AMPEX DP1500iL portable power station is designed with handle and wheels for effortless transportability. It offers ample power for use at home, as well as during outdoor activities such as camping or construction sites. The Gen-Mate APP enables smooth control and monitoring of AMPEX DP1500iL portable power station using your smartphone. You can monitor and control AC power, total power output, DC power, and state of charge, etc.

Wheels and Handle
Unique design for effortless portability
Gen-Mate APP
Monitor and control AMPEX via the app
​Take it Anywhere

From camping adventures to construction sites

Monitor Everything
From power outputs to charging levels and beyond

Battery Management System BMS 

AMPEX DP1500iL portable power station offers exceptional battery safety and reliability through advanced battery management system (BMS) technology. It secures against potential risks and provides overloading, short-circuiting, over-voltage, over-current, over-discharge, and over-charge protection.

Safety and Reliability
Battery secured against potential risks
Optimized Performance
Advanced battery management system technology
Voltage and Current Protection

Protection for over-voltage, over-current, etc.


Charge and Discharge Protection
Over-charge and over-discharge protection


Battery Voltage (V) 25.6
Capacity (Wh) 2048
Battery A/H 80
Cell Chemistry LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate)
Cycle Life to 80% Original Capacity 2000+
Shelf Life Recharge every 6 months
Battery Management System (BMS) Yes
Operating Usage Temperature -10 to 50℃
Storage Temperature -30 to 60℃
Charge Temperature Charge 0°C to 45°C (32°F to 113°F)
General Specifications
Colour Blue
Dimensions (cm) | LxWxD 53 x 32 x 43
Net Weight (kg) 34
Display Yes
Display Size 61.5mm x 27mm
Display Type LCD Screen
Light Source LED Light
Wheels Yes
Drawbar Yes
UPS Function No
Pass-through Charging Yes
Dual Battery Support No
Parallel Connection No
AmpUp (Dynamic Voltage Output) No
Warranty (months) 24
Certifications CE, RHOS, UN38.3, MSDS.
AC Cable Yes
PV Charging Cable Yes
Car Charging Cable Yes
Accessories Description AC Charging Cable, Solar Charging Cable, Car Charging Cable, Screwdriver Bag
Bike Geometry
Box Gross Weight (KG) 39
Packaging Specifications
Packaging Dimensions (CM) | L x W x D 61 x 36 x 49.5
Wi-Fi Yes
4G No
Bluetooth No
APP Connection Wi-Fi
AC Input Socket Yes
Main AC Charging Method AC Cable
AC Input (W) 300
AC Input Voltage 220-240V
Car Port Input Yes
Car Port Input (W) 160 Max
Car Port Input Voltage 12-15V/24-30V
Car Port Input Current 6A
Solar Input Yes
Solar Input (W) 600W Max
Solar Input Voltage 36-140V
Solar Input Current 20A
MPPT Solar Charge Controller Yes
Max Input Combination Solar Input
Max Combined Input (W) 600
Plug Type AU
Inverter Type Pure Sine Wave
AC Output Yes
AC Output (W) 1500
AC Rated Output Voltage 220-240V
Surge Power (W) 3000
No. of AC Outputs 2
Car Outlet Output Yes
Car Outlet Output (V,A) 12V/10A
No. of Car Outlet Outputs 1
RV Outlet Output No
DC 5.5mm Outlet Output Yes
DC 5.5mm Outlet Output (V/A) 12V/6A
No. of DC 5.5mm Outlet Outputs 1
USB-A Output Yes
USB-A Output (W) 2x 5V/3A - 1xQC3.0
No. of USB-A Outputs 3
USB-C Output Yes
USB-C Output (W) 60W PD
USB-C Output (V) 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/3A, 20V/3A
No. of USB-C Outputs 1
Wireless Charging Pad No
Total Output Ports 8
Recharge Time
AC Recharge Time 8.5 Hours
Solar Recharge Time 4 Hours
Car Outlet Recharge Time 18 Hours
Fast Charging No
Fastest Recharge Combination Solar Input
Fastest Recharge Time 4 Hours