Go for the Right E-Bike for Your Delivery Job

27 April 2023 by
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Normally, as a delivery rider in Australia, you would spend a considerable amount of time riding your bike, that is to say up to 6 hours travelling nearly 120 km per day. For this very reason, considering some crucial factors before the purchase will be to your benefit. 

1. Battery Capacity:

A battery with a long lifetime is, without a doubt, a killer time-saver as it can spare you the trouble of recharging during working hours. You should carefully choose a bike with a battery that will easily last for no less than 6 or 7 hours.

2. Tyres:

As a delivery rider working against the clock, a flat tyre would be the last thing you want to deal with, and of course, neither the warm fresh food nor the hungry customer likes waiting on a puncture! 

Most probably, once you get a flat tyre, you'll have to call it a day and spend the rest of your time getting it fixed. So it is suggested that you opt for puncture-resistant tyres which are wide as well. 

In contrast to the other two types - thin and fat - wide tyres are likely to last longer than thin ones on bumpy rocky roads, and clearly, they will save energy and battery more efficiently than the fat tyres. 

Needless to say, a mud guard is a must to save you and your right-hand buddy from the mess of muddy roads and unexpected weather conditions.

3. Saddle:

As already stated, your delivery job requires long hours of riding, so you will want to take notice of your comfort and physical ease. Normally, picking the bike with the upright seat is not the right call as it will be tiring to pedal for long hours. Not to mention that you will waste away after only a few deliveries. 

On the flip side, a bike with the forward-leaning seat won’t be a good choice either since it will overtire your back muscles. In your case, a saddle with a moderate sitting position is the optimum choice.

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4. Bike Lock:

It would make sense not to leave your wingman unsecured every time you get off to hand over a delivery. Choosing the right bike with a wheel lock and unlock mechanism gives you the bliss of being "quick" and "handy" whenever it comes to locking and securing your bike.

5. Lights:

Most certainly, during a part of your working day, you’ll have to ride through the dark evening and even late hours. If so, a bike with both head and tail lights will be the best way to go. Sure enough, a lighting system that is powered by the bike’s main battery will let you do away with the concern of the lights’ battery recharging.

6. Suspension Fork:

Having to ride off-road once in a while doesn't mean that you have to settle for a rough ride. All you need is a bike with a sturdy front suspension fork to get through bumpy tracks, enjoying a perfectly smooth ride on either uneven pathways or speed breakers.

7. Disc Brakes:

You know it. Weather conditions are not always going to be to your liking! How can you secure your ride on a wet slippery road or let’s say a muddy one? Most probably, difficult weather conditions will put you in a tight spot to apply brakes safely and effectively. 

So, let’s picture it! With only a slight effort, you bring your bike to a full stop in a flash. Magical, don’t you think? If you pick up the bike with high-powered hydraulic disc brakes, you will be impressively in control of your bike in just any weather condition and any road.

8. Rear Rack:

For a delivery job, the need for a steady rear rack on the bike is unquestionable. A strong rear rack framework can make it possible for you to secure your carrier box and deliveries.

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