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When you buy an electric bike, most probably you don’t think about how your bike might break down in the future. You just want a slick way to get from point A to point B and can’t wait for the moment when you are cruising past everybody else. There is nothing quite like feeling the breeze in your hair on a fast assisted ride, but then again, in that very moment, a flat tyre or a battery failure can turn the whole experience into a letdown for you. 

Problems, damages, and failures are inevitable in electric bikes — inevitable but manageable. Some are so simple that you can handle them on your own, while others can be a bit more complicated and technical, requiring you to look for an electric bike repair shop and seek help from a skilled technician. 

Some of these problems may be common between electric and regular bikes, while others are specific to electric bikes. 

So, as you understand, the first step in troubleshooting is to know exactly what has gone wrong with your bike so that you can decide how to fix it.

We can start with the most common issues for which you need to be prepared, as almost every electric bike rider has run into at least one or two of them: 

- Battery failure 

- Motor failure 

- Wiring and connections 

- Tyres 

Now let's see how any of these parts can trouble you and in what ways you can handle the situation.

Repairing the Battery

The battery is one of the most important and expensive parts of your e-bike. You need to take good care of it as it is what actually makes your bike electric. Normally, a well-maintained battery should last up to four years. After that, it will gradually start to deteriorate and finally fail. At some point, it will need to be either repaired or replaced. 

Even if your e-bike professional says your battery is repairable, that means some parts inside need to be replaced. You can even do it before your battery completely fails. This could cost you less (depending on the severity of the damage) than replacing the battery with a new one. 

Remember that the technology in some batteries makes them irreparable. That is why you need to find out about the type of your battery and the fault in it before deciding what needs to be done.

Signs that show your battery needs repairing:

Now you must be asking: “In what cases exactly should I consider repairing my battery?”

Actually, you don’t need to be an expert to notice whether your battery is in good shape or not. All you need to do is observe it, and if you have recently detected any of these faults in your battery, you can start looking for a technician who can deal with the situation:

- If the battery is not charging fully or discharging faster than it should 
- If it is damaged as a result of a fall, impact, or shock of any kind 
- If it overheats while charging or being used 
- If it has simply exceeded its lifespan (normally 3 to 4 years)

 One thing which is a big deal is that you immediately take action once you notice a malfunction in your battery. Don’t forget that ignoring battery issues can cause more serious damage and even fire. So stay safe and make a move straight away. 

However, once it is decided that your battery needs repairing and not replacing, we advise that you have it done by a professional and not try to figure it out on your own unless you are experienced in that.

Is it safe to open a battery casing?

There are potential issues that might occur following the repair of your e-bike battery. Firstly, opening the battery is likely to void your warranty. Therefore, before you proceed with opening the battery casing, ensure that you are aware of the warranty conditions or simply contact your e-bike warranty support team for clarification. 

Another issue to consider is that even after repairing the battery, you may face the same problem again immediately or at a later time. This is because there may be an underlying factor causing recurring damage that hasn't been resolved. Therefore, it is important to identify and address the root cause rather than just focusing on the damage itself. It could be due to a faulty electric current or poor charging habits. 

Moreover, it is essential to find a reliable and skilled e-bike professional to handle the job properly. This professional should be capable of not only opening the battery but also fixing the issue without worsening the situation. Prioritize finding an experienced and trustworthy e-bike technician whom you can always rely on. 

Overall, maintaining your electric bike battery is not overly complicated. One important aspect to remember is to recharge and freshen the battery before each use. Once it is fully charged, avoid leaving it plugged in for an extended period. Additionally, store the battery on stable and dry surfaces to prevent any instability or water damage. If the battery comes into contact with water, dirt, mud, or any other substances, promptly wipe it dry and clean. 

Common Issues in Electric Bikes

Whether you are a recreational biker or a serious racer, one way or another, you may encounter issues with your e-bike. Having a problem with your bike is definitely the last thing you'd want to experience as it can be such a killjoy. However, like it or not, such things come up and you will have to find a way to overcome them and get back to enjoying your bike riding. 

We have listed below some common problems that anyone may face in connection with their electric bikes: 

Loose Parts – This is something very common that you might notice once in a while, especially if you are a frequent rider. Loose joints in some parts of your bike, such as the headset, handlebar, carriage, pedals, saddle, or any accessories on your bike, can easily make your riding insecure. 

But the good part is that normally for issues of this kind, you won't have to take your bike all the way to an ebike-specific repair shop. It can be handled in a regular bike shop or even better, you can definitely do it on your own, provided that you have the proper tools to tighten or undo bolts and joints. Still, you should be the one deciding how serious the problem is, but in most cases, using proper tools will do the job in just a few minutes. 

So, just in case, make sure you have a few wrenches, screwdrivers, and keys to give your bike a regular maintenance routine once in a while. Almost before every ride, you are advised to check your bike to detect loose joints and deal with them to be on the safe side.

.Electric System Failure – In most cases, when there is something odd in the electrical system, you should start with the battery. 

Battery – When you check the battery, first make sure there is voltage in it. That is something noticeable by looking at the display panel and LEDs. If those are not working, then most probably the problem originates either from the battery or the connector that transports power to your electrical parts. Having a voltmeter in such cases can be of so much help. Once you realize that there is no voltage in your battery, do not try to open the casing as it might void your battery warranty and cause more damage or even danger. It is advised that you take it to a reliable technician. 

Connectors – Let’s say you are sure that the battery works fine and is properly charged, but your electrical bike parts are still dead! If so, you can go ahead and check the connectors and wires. Make sure that the battery is properly and tightly fixed on the holder kit, and that the connectors are not bent or damaged. 

Cables and Sensors - Next, you should check the cables. Sometimes, only a tangled cable between the sensor and the motor can stop the bike from running, despite the voltage in the battery. 

One more thing to keep in mind is that you should keep your bike on a stable and secure surface or a rack in order to be able to closely and easily inspect the parts. But of course, you must remove the battery from the bike before doing so. There are two good reasons for this: Firstly, by removing the battery, you will reduce the weight of your bike by at least 3 to 4 kg, making it easier to move around. Secondly, you will eliminate the risk of damaging the battery. Remember, the battery is the heart of your bike, so naturally, you wouldn't want to unnecessarily put it at risk. 

Tyres – Electric bikes also have other issues, such as flat tyres or broken chains. However, these problems are not unique to e-bikes and are similar to those that occur with regular bicycles as well. 

There are some common issues that might happen to your electric bike's tyres, but the good news is that these can easily be resolved with a few simple tips and tricks. 

Flat tyre – Actually, repairing a flat tyre on an electric bike is not that difficult. The most common issue with any bicycle is a flat tyre. We agree that flat tyres are frustrating, and they can quickly become dangerous. In order to change a flat tyre, you’ll need to remove the wheel from your electric bike and replace the tube. If you have a flat tyre that has been punctured, it’s important to find the source of the problem before replacing the tube. This will prevent future flats from occurring. 

Punctures – Once in a while, you might notice a slow leak in your tyres caused by sharp objects like nails, glass, and thorns. You might immediately ask yourself, "Is there any electric bike tyre repair near me?!" But don't panic; this can be easily fixed by using a rubber patch. Just put the patch over the leaking area, give it time to dry, and you're good to go! 

person in black jacket holding bicycle wheel

Worn Treads – The tread on your tyres is what keeps your wheels from slipping on wet roads. It naturally wears out over time and when that happens, it won’t do the job as expected. Not to mention that it will increase the risk of damage and injuries. So, if you notice that your tyres are starting to wear down and lose traction on the road, it’s time to replace them with new ones before they become dangerous.

Underinflated tyres  Inflating a bicycle tyre is one of the easiest things you can do to keep your bike in good shape and ensure that it will run well. To do this, use an air compressor or foot pump – whichever is most convenient for you. Make sure that you don't over-inflate the tyre, though. You should also make sure that when inflating with an air compressor or foot pump, there’s no way for any dust particles or dirt particles to get inside because this could contaminate your tyre and cause problems later on down the line! So, if there are any leaks in your valves, replace them with new ones before inflating again (this will fix any leaks).

Overinflated tyres – Another common issue that you may experience with your electric bike is that you may fill up the tyres with too much air. You might tend to assume that more air means faster, but this isn’t true at all and can actually cause damage to both your rims and tyres if done over a long period of time. 

So, check that your tyre pressure is within the recommended range for your specific bike model. This information should be printed somewhere on your tyre or found in your user manual if it isn’t already printed on your bike. Once you know what the tyre pressure should be and you’ve determined that your tyres are overinflated, take a pump and let some air out. Once they are at the right pressure, they should feel more stable as you ride.

Are electric bike tyres different from others?

Just like many other bike riders, you may be more experienced with traditional bicycles than new electric bikes. So you must be wondering, “Are e-bike tyres any different from what is used on normal bicycles?”

The answer is yes, somehow! At first glance, tyres on an e-bike can look more or less similar to what you have seen on a non-electric bike. They’re round, they have a tread pattern, and they keep your bike moving. But they are actually quite different. They are made from a different blend of materials. They also contain more rubber and less carbon, which makes them less likely to explode when they come in contact with road debris.

They are designed to absorb more shock and give you a smoother ride, which is why many people find them perfect for off-roading. Electric bike tyres also have a much higher load capacity, which means they can withstand added pressure from the motor and battery.

Useful tools to repair electric bikes

For those electric bike enthusiasts who prefer doing things themselves, having a toolbox with necessary items is a must. Maybe you are also one of those who won't spend more money than necessary on fixing things up and can handle common bike issues that come up once in a while. The good part is, there are plenty of resources out there that actually tell you how to fix your own electric bike. It is not confusing, and you don't need to be a professional for this. Just be practical, handy, and willing to learn. 

If you are interested in taking control of the repair job, there are some useful tools that you can't do without. Here, we have gathered a list of tools that will be of great help:

Allen Keys – You will need a few Allen keys in common sizes for tightening or undoing cranks and bolts. 

Torque Key – For those bolts on which Allen keys don't fit, such as disk brake rotor bolts, torque keys will probably do the job. 

Tyre Pump – Sometimes all you need for repairing your electric bike tyre is a pump. Pumps and bikes are inseparable as bike tyres need to be inflated periodically. You will need one for regular maintenance, particularly if there is no local bike repair shop nearby. It doesn't have to be a gigantic track pump; you can buy a small pump that is easy to carry around. 

Lubricant – Lubricating your bike chain often enough will definitely keep your bike in good shape for a very long time. A clean, lubricated chain guarantees a smooth ride for you. Usually, when choosing a proper lubricant, most people prefer to use drip-style bottles, but you can also go for spray cans if you like. 

Chain breaker and link plier – For those riders who are not familiar with tools, having a problem with the bike chain might be a nightmare because they don't want to get their hands dirty with a bike chain that is not easy to fix. But most of the time, having a proper tool like a chain breaker can make the job ten times easier for you. If you don't like the idea of depending on your local bike professional, get a chain breaker and see how fun it can be to make friends with your bike and fix it yourself. There is also a chain whip you can have in your garage if you are interested, but that one would actually work for those who want to do the whole repair thing professionally on their own. 

These tools are relatively easy to acquire and they will help you fix minor bike problems on your own without having to search for bike repair shops.

Can I get my e-bike repaired in a regular mechanic shop?

The electric bike is still a bicycle, and the electric motor is only a small part of it. Normally, most bicycle mechanics are familiar with the parts and should be able to help you. Most bike parts are common between an electric bike and a regular one, such as frames, saddles, handlebars, tyres, and rims, etc. For example, the tyres and inner tubes can be replaced by any good bike mechanic. So, technically, a regular bike mechanic should be able to figure out how to deal with the issue as long as it is not related to the electrical system. 

However, electric bikes also have a lot of additional components that aren’t found on regular bikes – components that are much more delicate, expensive, and hard to fix or replace. A regular technician probably won’t be able to get into all of the finer details, like battery replacement or electric bike motor repair. So if you’re not comfortable having your bike worked on in a regular mechanic shop, you can take it to a specialist who has been trained in working with these types of systems. 

Also, if one of your spare parts is damaged, depending on the component, you and your mechanic should decide whether electric bike spares repairs can be done in that specific shop or not.

E-bike mechanic shops in Australia

Electric bikes have really taken off in popularity in every state of Australia, especially in big cities like Sydney and Melbourne, as well as surrounding areas. E-bikes are now being used as one of the reliable modes of transport in these cities. For that reason, you can also find qualified e-bike repair shops or service centers where they have full knowledge of all types of electric bikes, and they will repair and service them for a reasonable price. 

Usually, asking an experienced e-bike rider is the best way to find out about a reliable shop where an expert mechanic can work to discover the cause of misbehavior of your electric vehicle. 

As mentioned, getting electric bike repairs in Melbourne and Sydney is not that difficult. One thing that we often hear from bike riders is, "I need an electric bike repair shop near me".

Of course, one factor to consider when choosing the best local electric bike repairs is how close the shop is to you. Some people may even be looking for mobile electric bike repair. However, we suggest that you consider more options to decide on a good mechanic. After all, you should not end up spending extra money and going through unnecessary damage due to a mechanic's wrong detection or repair error. 

Overall, we have provided you with some tips and details that will make your experience with e-bike maintenance and repair easier. As we have suggested, it would be a great idea to have the tools you need to do your own repairs, but do not try your new skills on the electrical system of your bike if you do not have experience with that. You can leave that part of the fixing to a professional mechanic. And finally, look for a friendly neighborhood bike repair shop for regular tune-ups and emergency cases. Good luck!

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